Dyna's Random Daily Tip !! 28/9/11


I'm going to start a new series of posts in which I post random daily tips

that I learned from others,

tips I have learned through time with my own experiences and

other random tips that happen to work for me.

It doesn't hurt to say it

even if someone already knows it

or it doesn't work for everyone..
but it just might help someone out there.

 Press Powder on your face as opposed to dusting it all over,
A - you get more coverage
and B - you don't drag your concealer or foundation and/or concealer as you're doing it.

I heard this from gossmakeupartist, which happens to be one of my favourite gurus on youtube,
and ever since he said this, I have been using my ELF studio powder brush to press powder foundation against be skin.

Out of curiosity..How do you guys apply your powder foundation ??


  1. I only use it with sponge. Lol. but really im not into powders anymore xD


  2. It helps the foundation stay put too which is always good! I like his videos too :)


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