Dyna's Random Daily Tip !! 29/9/11

I'm going to start a new series of posts in which I post random daily tips

that I learned from others,

tips I have learned through time with my own experiences and

other random tips that happen to work for me.

It doesn't hurt to say it

even if someone already knows it

or it doesn't work for everyone..
but it just might help someone out there. 
Liquid Concealers often have lighter coverage than cream concealers.
Liquid Concealer tend to blend easier than cream ones and look more natural. 

My current favourite concealers are:
for under eye area: ELF all over cover stick in apricot beige
for blemishes and spots: ELF studio line concealer pencil and brush in light [an even drier formula = more coverage, tends to be more cakey in texture.]

ELF all over cover stick

ELF studio concealer pencil and brush

What are your favourite concealers?
I'd love to know..
and do you prefer liquid or creamy concealers?
That's my random tip for the day.
Thanks for reading, and take care xx

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. Clinique have the best concealers ever!
    I saw a lot of ELF products on your blog, which have been helpful cos I got some of their products, not the best quality in make up but then again its cheap, altough I must say the eyeliners are amazing. Didn't find the mascaras that good though from ELF.

  2. Oh I might have to check out clinique out.. I heard great things about the company xD

    I love ELF products.. even though I found quite a few products who were a miss for me. But there are some products I keep repurchasing on and on.. so that says a lot xD

    I love the studio cream liner, I have yet to try the mineral one. The waterproof eyeliner pen dried out within a month.. I don't like the liquid liner..

    and I tried the mineral infused mascara and I didn't like that.

    So most products see to be either a super hit or a miss for me :)

  3. Oh I know what you mean, I bought a Max factor liquid eyeliner not long ago and it dried out within a few days! You have to be so careful when buying liquid eyeliners. Anyway interesting blog and tips :) keep it up!

  4. Oh it sucks when that happens :/ Thanks for your support hunny, you're the sweetest. xx

  5. I prefer liquid concealers for the under eye area as I feel that cream settles into fine lines and cakes up and cream concealer on my blemishes because it has much more coverage! xx

  6. I use just liquid concealers, creams tend to cake on me so bad!! I would like more coverage but I don't know how to deal with the blending without caking!! I tried the all over stick concealer didn't like it, but my sister loves it!! anyway love your blog and especially your elf's post!!

  7. I've always reached for liquid concealers but I used to have a rimmel cream concealer ages ago when I had really bad acne.... Didn't mind that! Thanks for the tips I'm loving this series Dyna!

  8. I use ArtDeco concealer..

  9. yeah liquid normally works better doesn't it Daniela? :) ... I need more coverage though which is why I use a cream one on my under eye area :)

    @nadi8803: yeah concealers tend to be really subjective in my opinion, I personally love my apricot beige all over cover stick so much I have 2 back ups.. I set it with powder and everything but it does not have a natural finish at all..

    awh good to know Carla, I have not tried any Rimmel concealers to be honest :)Thank god I don't have acne but I have pretty dark under eye circles.. so I need more coverage, I don't want to scare people lol.

    @ Claudia S.. are Artdeco concealers any good? I tried a nail polish and an eyeshadow from them they were quite impressive but haven't tried any concealers.. :)

  10. Liquid concealers are the best. they tend to be blendable.



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