ELF mineral lip liner in peachy [review with swatches!!!]

I don't know if you remember..
or if you have read it but in an earlier post 
I have said that I have laptop troubles and there is a chance I lose all photos I had planned for a total of 50-60 posts. 
Yeah. I know. It sucks big time. 
So the laptop's at the technician and he said he'll do his best
but there's a possibility that the hard disk got ruined so he might have to let go. 
This was one of the posts I already had taken photos of. 
I had lip swatches, product photos and everything.. 
so it sucks to have to take them again. 
I hope he'll manage to back up all my files because honestly it's going to take me long hours to retake them all. 
I'm going to shut up now and start with the review. 

This is one of the products I seriously LOVE. I use this all over the lip because it works fabulously as a matte lipstick and is not drying. 
I have a backup of this one because I figured I'm going to use this up quite quicker than I might have thought, 
since it's a lipliner but I use it all over the lip.

I love the packaging. 
I honestly have no complaints with it. 
It's a twist up liner
The words on the packaging did not fade away, 
and the name is CLEARLY stated on the packaging. 
The only thing that could perhaps "better" the packaging
is that there is a similar shade at the top or bottom so that it would be easier to find the if you have various shades. 

I LOVE the texture. 
LOVE it. 
It has a semi-matte finish. 
It applies like a dream..
does not tug my lips, 
does not dry my lips, 
does not make my lips look overly dry. 
It looks like a stain on my lips, 
which is brilliant. 

Brilliantly pigmented. 
One swipe is enough to see the shade 
on the lips. 
Can't complain - seriously.

Well, if you want to reapply or something you definitely can, 
but the shade intensity is not going to change because this stuff is seriously pigmented
so you get maximum intensity with first swipe.
So while it won't do anything wrong when you build it up..
you definitely don't have to build it up.
It's that brilliant. 

Awesome staying power. 
While I don't know the exact hours this lasts.. 
this lasts for a really really long time. 
Having said that, because of the matte consistency this doesn't transfer
so if you're drinking you're not going to see any of the lipstick on the cup or glass. 
Is it brilliant or what??

This is a lovelyyyyyyy peachy shade.
It is not a nude peach though, because some people might be mistaken that it is, 
it's definitely suitable for daytime ..
it's more of a corally peach shade. 
I don't see any reddish undertones, just orange. 
It's just that.
A gorgeous coral peach.
As for the other shades.. 
Brown, Rose and Raisin.
While I don't have any of them because they look boring to me [haha.]..
I would LOVE it if ELF created some awesome vibrant shades.. 
like an orange, a nude peach shade, a pinky purple..
 I would be sooo first in line to get them. 
Elves, you NEED to extend this range. 
I'm telling you - the NYX slim lip pencils are so famous, 
these are even better with regard to texture, packaging and everything.
But the range HAS to be extended. 
You need plums, reds and every exotic shade on the color wheel,
and this can be your next BEST seller item.

Matte finish, which is STILL not drying. 
Isn't that hard to do?
Damn Right. 
But the elves managed !!

A faint cosmetic smell, 
very faint. 
Doesn't bother me one bit.

OMG. I am so totally in love.
There is a very very valid reason why this gets sold out real quick.
It's THAT awesome. 
I will not get any more shades though,
I am not interested in the other shades.
Fair skin tones - you might not like this shade
but I think this looks fabulous on warm skintones.
Elves- please please please come out with new shades xxx

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


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