ELF studio line pressed powders [review w/ swatches!!] !!


I LOVE to review products I know are awesome. 
and this product is one of them. 

I bought the first shade in caramel. 
Loved the texture, 
the shade was a bit too dark for my complexion though. 

Then the 50% off codes popped up and I purchased 3 times. 
I know. Me and my paypal account have issues. 
He needs a break and I don't want to listen. 

Anyway. where was I?
Oh 50% off codes. 
I got two more shades of this product...
One in almond. 
One in buff. 

Almond, I thought was going to dupe NYC bronzer in sunny.
That bronzer is my current favourite bronzer. 
So yeah. 
I would have loved to dupe it. 
The almond shade does not dupe the NYC bronzer but it does work fabulously as a bronzer. 
I think I'll do a full post about that because I need to keep this post short. 

While I hate the shade name 
[I know, right - what's wrong with me? haha.. but it just sounds too masculine ]
Hate the shade name. 
Perfect match for my skin tone. 
Oh the irony. 
I would have preferred to have 
"caramel" skin 
not "buff" skin. 
Lol. anyway. 
I love this one so much.
I hit pan within a month.. 
I use it almost everyday..
and have two backups. 
Obsessed much?

Onto the actual review. 

I love the packaging. 
Except that it comes with a sponge inside.. 
I don't like sponge applicators. 
I love my ELF powder brush 
I would have preferred more product rather than a random sponge.. 
but that's ok. 
I'm not complaining, 
and it's not even an issue. 
I just thought it's worth mentioning. 
You don't get THAT much product / so don't be mislead. 
9 grams in total. 
which for the price.. is FABULOUS!
but get ready to stock up if you like it, because I'm pretty sure you'll run
out faster than you might think. 

ELF studio line pressed powder in caramel

Ok. I LOVE the texture. 
But you have to get used to it at first. 
It is not pressed THAT well. 
But I like that..
I love that I just stick my powder brush face down
and actually get some product on there
and now having to swipe it back and forth. 
So it saves up time for me. 
So it might be a little "powdery"
so to speak. 
But it's okay. 
Because the product is quite finely milled. 
It's so smooth on the skin, 
and it applies like a dream!

As I said. 
I have three of these. 
The three of them are yellow undertoned. 
[we are talking about buff, caramel and almond]
Caramel is seriously yellow toned.. 
and basically buff is the lightest of the three, 
caramel looks almost two shades darker than buff. 
and almond a shade further darker. 

ELF studio line pressed powder in buff, caramel, almond - colors are not quite true to life.. but refer to swatches for clearer color shades

ELF studio line pressed powder in buff, caramel, almond

ELF studio line pressed powder in buff, caramel, almond

ELF studio line pressed powder in buff, caramel, almond

I can't say that this is seriously FULL coverage, 
because it's not. 
I don't need FULL coverage for daytime. 
And I usually wear this on its own with some concealer. 
There was a girl who asked me what foundation I used when I was at work
and it stayed put all day in the summer heat.. 
and I was like.. I don't have any on. 
haha It was just this powder.
So yeah basically you get quite a few coverage with this baby..
it's a light to medium coverage depending on application. 

As I said. 
This lasts all day on me. 
No touchups. 
I usually pair it with the ELF studio mist and set [which I love and adore]
A. reduce the powdery look 
B. feel refreshed
C. set the whole look 

I LOVE this. 
Do I recommend?
This has beaten my love for the mineral booster in tinted!! Honestly. It's even better. 
At least for me. 

 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with the company. I will not gain in any way through future purposes made. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. Nice Review !!!
    Which is the best match for NC 30 Skin ??? any idea

  2. I have no idea, I'm sorry hun :/ x

  3. You sound as if you are loving this! I like it but like you say there is a waste of packaging where there could be more product. x

  4. I agree a 100% .. but I honestly don't mind because the product is cheap anyway :D


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