HOW TO & DIY: Make gel nail extensions at home [like a pro & for super cheap] !!


This is probably my most requested post.. 
and I postponed it for wayyy too long.
But I finally got around to do it. 
I am NOT a professional. 
I had my nails professionally done twice. 
and I figured if I had the right products and I practiced,
I could start doing my own gel nails. 

I am NOT a qualified nail technician. 
I am NOT  a qualified teacher either. 
But I'm big at DIY stuff. 
and finding cheaper options. 

So I practiced a lot and here is what I found worked best for me 
in 5 easy steps :

[On a side note, I no longer do my own gel nails. 
Because I'm loving my natural ones. 
and I hate that I would spend 2 hours on my nails to have them done. ]

You will need:

UV lamp
Buffer Blocks
Nail files
Cuticle pusher
False nails
False nail clipper
Nail Glue – or Super Glue [that's what I use to be honest]
Nail polish remover
Products for nail art [optional]
Clear UV Gel


Push cuticle with cuticle pusher.
File natural nails
Buff natural nails


find the right size for each nail
glue them making sure no air is trapped
cut the false nails to the desirable length with false nail clipper
nail file the tip to smooth out the edge
buffer the nail extensions with buffer block


apply a thin coat of gel
allow to dry in the UV lamp for a good 2-3 minutes
wipe nails with some nail polish remover on a tissue to remove excess
buffer them a bit
apply a much thicker coat of gel
allow to dry in the UV lamp for around 5-6 mins
wipe again and buffer again


You can use UV gel nail polish..
or ordinary nail polish


Apply Two thin UV gel top coats.
Wipe Nail with make up remover

These are some of the stuff that I use ..
I get them off ebay :

UV clear top coat

Nail Buffer Blocks
Nail Extensions - I like the white ones most

UV gel clear top coat

Here are some gel nail extensions that I have done over the years 
[most of them are my own nails but some of them are my mum's]:


That's it for this post, 
if you have any questions or suggestions, 
feel free to bring them forward. 
And again, I am NOT a qualified nail technician..
this is what I learned through my own experience and practice. 
I am sharing this upon request of some readers. 
I am in no way telling you this is the right way to do it. 
But this is how I taught myself how to do it. 

Thanks you for reading and feel free to comment below for more requests or suggestions :)

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with the company. I will not gain in any way through future purposes made. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. Love them! I do my nails too cause I'm too cheap to pay someone when I know how to do them.

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  3. I am too cheap to go get mine done, I never did try gel nails. The UV lamp seems a little complicated. I did try Essence Better Than Gel Nails and liked those. Sometimes I do my own acrylic nails but only if mine are all tiny, natural ones which are long are better! x

  4. cute blog! followed you hope u follow back!

  5. plzzz tell me where can i get the nail extension kit

  6. plzzz tell me where can i get the nail extension kit

    1. Hi, this is probably too late, but I never got notifications on this post - but all stuff is available on ebay x

  7. Are those nail extensions covering up the full length of the original nails??
    Shouldn't the extensions be only for the nail tip..??
    Doesn't the real nails get too damaged if kept glued & covered with plastic extensions for days??


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