Make up Collection#4 : lipgloss collection - #nudes

Hello gorgeous ones!!
I am so loving blogging right now..
I love the feedback I'm getting.. 
I love that some post might help someone out there.
and these collection posts are somehow something you're really liking ..
I love to see these kind of posts...

but they are a bit of a pain to kind of get together because I am the type who has a gloss or lipstick in every purse and bag.. 
so that doesn't help. 
I have to do a treasure hunt first haha. 
But to prepare this post for you I'm willing to treasure hunt for hours haha.

This post is all about nude glosses. 
Funnily enough, I only have 4 nude glosses.. 
which is kind of weird because I love nude lips..
but I must admit.. 
I'm more of a lipstick girl.. 
so I tend not to reach for lipglosses that often.

Sleek  Sugar May, ELF conditioning lip balm nice and natural, NYX round gloss in whipped, NYX mega shine gloss in smokey look

Sleek  Sugar May, ELF conditioning lip balm nice and natural, NYX round gloss in whipped, NYX mega shine gloss in smokey look

1.Sleek Limited Edition Avoir la Peche Collection Pout Polish in Sugar May
I am serously in love with this pout polish or tinted conditioner whatever you want to call it. 
It's a peachy opaque shade which is decently pigmented

2. ELF studio conditioning lip balm spf15 in nice and natural
I love these studio conditioning lip balms from ELF. Up to a few months ago 
I was so not impressed with ELF's lip products, 
but now ELF is really stepping up their game. 
Aside from these lip conditioners, I'm really loving the studio matte lip colors..
and I can't wait till the UK site gets the glossy gloss and the new essential lipsticks. 
About the shade, this is a cool toned greyish nude with a pink undertone. 
I do reach for this one quite a lot. And it's really not as yucky as the swatch looks like. 
At least on my lips. 

3. NYX round lip gloss in whipped
I have recently rediscovered this lipgloss, 
I honestly don't tend to wear this a lot. 
But I remember this one time I made a combination and it looked really gorgeous..
I used the NYX slim lip pencil in natural 
and ELF's  mineral lipstick in natural nymph
and it looked amazing. 
This is a really light pinky nude with subtle silver shimmer.

4. NYX mega shine lip gloss in smokey look
This is one amazing gloss. I love the packaging. Love the cherry smell.
The shade is a peachy nude with slight silver shimmer. 
One lovely shade.. Love this.

Thanks for tuning in guys,
and thank you so much for your support.

Take care sweethearts 

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


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