100% Pure Purity Cosmetics : An Overview!! with daytime pin up FOTD!!


I know some of you were curious about these cosmetics.

I mean how can cosmetics made out of fruit pigments be any good?
Well.. I'm glad I got to try these.. 
because I was proven wrong.

So I got to try these following three products ..
and I decided to tell you what I think about them in a colective post and I'm also going to do full individual reviews on the products so I'll go in detail too.

pot rouge in peach, lip glaze in peach, mimosa blush

pot rouge in peach, lip glaze in peach, mimosa blush

pot rouge in peach, lip glaze in peach, mimosa blush

pot rouge in peach, lip glaze in peach, mimosa blush

pot rouge in peach, lip glaze in peach, mimosa blush

100% pure purity cosmetics fruit pigmented pot rouge blush in peach
 This was the first product I opened.. and this is basicallymeant to be a cream blush. 
When I first touched this.. 
I was like.. this is so dry .. it's going to apply chalky and stuff. 
Actually, I was wrong. 
It warms up against your hand and applies so smooth and blends like a dream. 
I also used this as a stain on the lips and this looks FABULOUSLY as a lip stain. 
The shade is a warm peachy shade with a brown undertone. 
VERY pleased with this one.
100% pure purity cosmetics fruit pigmented blush in mimosa 
Ok this was the second product I tried.
At first, I was like.. this is so gorgeous in the pan and the packaging is so fabulous.
Little did I know.. 
The shade is very very sheer. The texture is quite weird as well.
I's quite powdery. 
I like my blushes super pigmented, so I have to admit.. 
this was quite disappointing. 
However, I used this over the rouge cream blush to set it, 
and I quite liked it that way. 
I have to say though, I think out of the three products.. 
this definitely was the only product that failed to impress me. 
I don't know if it's just this shade. 
But yeah, even on the palest skintones, you'd have to use a heavy hand with this. 

100% pure purity cosmetics fruit pigmented lip glaze in peach
I am VERY impressed with this lip product. 
The shade is GORGEOUS. 
It smells really nice and looks amazing on the lips. 
I am VERY VERY pleased with this product and I HIGHLY recommend this.
Of course, since this is a glaze finish, 
it is not super pigmented.. 
But this looks really natural and you get a lovely colour payoff with just two swipes. 
It's buildable and Bottom Line Amazing. 

Here is the FOTD I created using these products..
I used the
peach pot rouge as a cheek stain
mimosa powdered blush over the cheek stain
peach lip glaze on the lips :


and here is the full list with products I have used for your reference:

Essence stay natural concealer 03 soft nude
ELF mineral foundation spf15 in warm
ELF studio pressed powder in buff, almond
100% pure purity cosmetics fruit pigmented pot rouge in peach
100% pure purity cosmetics fruit pigmented mimosa blush

ELF mineral eyeshadow primer
Wet n Wild color icon eyeshadow palette Greed
ELF cream liner in black
Bourjois Volume and Fast Rotating Mascara in black
Max Factor Volume and Lift Mascara in black
Criss Cross Lashes from ebay [cut in half and placed at the ends for a cat eye look]
Essence I love liquid eyeliner in ultra black

ELF eyebrow kit in light
ELF all over cover stick in apricot beige

100% pure purity cosmetics lip glaze in peach

So if you don't feel like reading all of the above .. 
basically I LOVE the pot rouge [as a cream blush and a lip stain]
I LOVE the lip glaze
and I was not impressed with the fruit pigmented blush.

I hope you liked this post ..
and thank you so much for tuning in guys xxx
till the next post..
take care

FTC Disclaimer: I got all of these products for free from 100% pure for PR purposes.  I am not compensated for any reviews or posts I do about their products.


  1. the blush looks so good on you!! i love 100 percent pure the company is amazing. i havent tried there makeup yet but i want to pick up that blush!

  2. WOW you look absolutely amazing! Love the makeup look!


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