ELF studio concealer brush [review with photos!!]

 Hello guys!!

I have another ELF review,
and this time round, 
it's a brush.
I have 13 brushes from the studio line..
2 of them are duplicates. 
and this is one of them.
I somehow had an instinct I was going to LOVE this.
I don't know how I just did. 

Synthethic Bristles, Black Bristles, Very soft
Nicely dense, 
Flat and professional looking.

The typical ELF studio line brush. 
Quite lightweight.



To apply concealer
Quite unexpectedly for me, this works brilliant for under eye concealing.
I have NEVER found a brush which applies concealer the way I like it. 
I always found my fingers best at applying that. 
This has taken over though.
I use this with my ELF all over cover stick in apricot beige
and I'm telling you it works amazingly.
I did not even buy this for concealing. 
But one of the two brushes I have I always use for concealing.
and I'm talking daily basis here. 

To apply eyeshadow
I heard on review that this works nicely with eyeshadows? 
Well not powder eyeshadows. 
I mean I tried a couple of times. 
but it took me ages to pick up the eyeshadow on the brush. 
and it took me ages to apply it. 
Nothing beats the ELF eyeshadow c brush from the studio line range.

To apply cream bases
Now we're talking. 
This is what I use my second brush. 
I used it to apply the ELF studio cream liners as a base
and the ELF studio cream eyeshadows 
and honestly.. 
I think this was designed for the new studio cream eyeshadows 
because it applies it like a dream.

I love this brush, I think it works better with cream products.. 
and I DEFINITELY recommend this. 
I think it is highly underrated and the elves deserve a shout out for this one.


FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


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