ELF studio line tinted moisturiser spf 20 [review with swatches!!]

I have been planning ELF reviews like crazy for when I get the backup
of the files I had in my old laptop.
that is, IF the technician manages to back them up for me. 
Yeah. there's that possibility which is going suck if that ever happens
because I had so much blog and personal data,
it would just suck.

I have had this product for a while and I'm going to enjoy reviewing this, 
because it has become one of my ultimate favourite products. 
I already have backup of this.

Ok. First of all. This is not sealed at the tip.. with the aluminium foil kind of thing. 
And yes - there is less product in the packaging then it might seem, which is okay..
for the price there's NOTHING to complain about here.
I read a couple of reviews focusing on these issues like it was a big deal, 
and it's ok if it is an issue for them. 
It isn't for me though. 
I love that it comes in a handy lightweight squeezy tube. 
I think it's just brilliant.

The texture is quite nice and smooth on the skin.
I find the shade camouflages into my skin really well.
Very blendable, 
very easy to apply. 

Sheer to Light Coverage, 
perfect for daytime.
This evens out your skintone rather than adds coverage 

I have this in shade beige, 
and it's a warm yellow undertoned beige 
which suits my skin really well.

Stays on all day when set with powder, 
so it's nice..
and doesn't cake one bit on my skin.

As you can see I clearly LOVE this. I think it's even better than the regular tinted moisturiser, 
and I love that one too actually.. 
but this one looks better on me. 
and yeah. I DEFINITELY recommend.
Thanks for reading guys, 
and if you have any questions feel free to bring them forward. 
A virtual squeezy hug


*UPDATE* I have found better tinted moisturisers, so I don't really use this anymore.
I still think it's a great product. I just abandoned it, poor thing. 

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. Wow! So stunning in the 1st photo



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