ELF studio matte lip color [review with swatches!!]


I have another review of a product I really love. 
Now I am a HUGE fan matte lips. 
So this definitely explains why I love this. 
but there are a handful of things which make this product really awesome.

Now up to a few months ago
I honestly was not a fan of ELF lip products. 
Even though their mineral lipsticks are quite nice, 
I rarely find myself using them. 

I tried their regular line lipstick in seductive,
which broke on me,
and I was not a huge fan of the shade either. 
[I am definitely getting that nostalgic and captivating new shades as soon as they are available on the UK site]

I did like the luscious liquid lipstick as a gloss. 
But I am not much of a gloss person though,
and there is only one shade I truly like. 

Then - ELF launched these matte lipsticks and the studio conditioning lip balms. 
OMG. They couldn't WOW me anymore than they did. 

I also got to try the mineral lip liner in peachy...
and I LOVED that too. 
So I'm really a fan of certain ELF lip products at the moment. 
There you go. 
I said it haha.

ELF studio matte lip color .. top: coral.. bottom: natural

This is a jumbo lip pencil which is in twist up form. [GREAT!]
There is a funny looking plastic sharpener at the bottom if you pull the "colour part" out.
The shade is shown at the bottom [BONUS!]
There are two "but"s though.. which aren't THAT much of a big deal. But it's better to know.
[1] The packaging can be a bit wobbly, but nothing that affects application or anything
[2] The printed words on the packaging faded away over time

Because this is a matte finish [more semi-matte really]
I find it quite velvety smooth while applying, 
It obviously dries to a semi-matte finish
I know a lot of people can find this "drying"
I don't though. 
It's not moisturising. 
But it does not suck the moisture out of my lips. 
I find it quite nice on my lips. 
If you happen to find this drying.. 
put some clear gloss over it. 
I have heard reviews saying that you need to exfoliate your lips 
and put a ton of balm on your lips before.
Not that they're wrong or they're lying.. 
because obviously everyone's experience with products is different.
But I don't find the need to exfoliate and moisture my lips before. 
If I happen to wake up with chapped lips, 
I just don't use it. 
But if I don't have chapped lips..
I'm so wearing this. 
If you're new to matte lips.. yes, you are going to find this "drying"
I'm a huge fan of matte lips so I don't find them drying. 
Just not moisturising.

Awesome pigmentation. 
I have read one review saying they were not wowed with pigmentation..
Mine are really pigmented though. 
You might not realise they are THAT pigmented though unless you swatch them, 
because they are quite natural as shades on the lips.
I only use one swipe on this product, maximum two, 
I find them BRILLIANTLY pigmented.
Just right

Uhm, yeah.. while you can build it up.. 
I would not suggest you do..
It might look somewhat heavy on the lips. 
and it might look cakey. 
Trust me.. You won't need to build it up

Because of the semi-matte finish..
the staying power is awesome, 
it's not going anywhere for hours. 
But it might start to kind of dry up as the hours go by.

Semi-matte finish
So it can be considered as drying for some people 
more used to glosses and moisturising lipsticks. 

Very faint cosmetic smell
Doesn't bother me. 

Natural: a mauve pinky natural shade
Coral: a pinky peachy soft nude coral shade .Oh I forgot "seriously gorgeous"
My favourite is definitely coral. I love it and adore it so much it's definitely on my TOP 5 lip products ever.
Keep in mind, these lipsticks are more of a  MLBB shades ..
I like that, but it might not be what you're looking for.

ELF studio matte lip color .. top: coral.. bottom: natural

ELF studio matte lip color in natural lip swatch

ELF studio matte lip color in coral lip swatch

ELF studio matte lip color in natural coral lip swatch

ELF studio matte lip color in coral lip swatch

I honesty LOVE these. Especially CORAL. 
That is one seriously GORGEOUS shade
You might not like this if you like your lipstick to be moisturising, 
But I love it just because it's matte. 
I recommend these, definitely. 
Unless you hate matte lips.

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. I think this might be worth trying to me. I'm not a fan of shiny lips. Hopefully I like this. I love the pink shade I must buy that for myself

  2. coral one is such a pretty lipcolor

  3. I didnt thought matte lippies are great! Oh by the way? Is it okey for those dry lips like me to use these? I will definitely buy elf and nyx. Thanks for the review.


  4. If you have dry lips just moisturise your lips with some lip balm before.. and exfoliate.. I wouldn't recommend using these when you have dry lips. I don't either.. I just use my ELF studio conditioning lip balms when I have dry lips and I kind of alternate matte lips with those tinted lip conditioners so that my lips are always nicely moisturised xD


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