My first ever ESSENCE haul!! & initial impressions!!


I have been interested in Essence products for quite a while now, 
I wanted to try them out, 
I didn't know they were actually available in Malta 
[which is awesome!!]
so to be honest.. 
this was quite an unexpected haul...
or rather .. more of a spontaneous one.

I was supposed to be out helping my brother shop for his girlfriend's birthday present.. 
and I basically chose stuff for her I had a feeling she would like.. 
and boy was she spoiled. 
I caved .. and ended up buying a few items for myself to try.

Now I'm not going to mince words. 
I was quite skeptical of the quality. 
I mean, I heard it was good, 
and I actually believed it was so.
But I thought it was ok, 
not awesome or anything.

Basically most of the products blew me away 
and Essence, 
you left me wanting more.. and more.. and much much more haha. 

I'm just going to tell you a little bit about each and every product I got,
and what my first impressions are of them.

Essence Soft Touch Mousse Make Up in 04 Matt Ivory
There were testers for this product..
which is AWESOME!.. 
and it is surprisingly the smoothest mousse product I have ever tried. 
Basically, I got a lighter shade to use for concealing, 
but I think I'm going to go back and get a shade that matches my skin tone to use for foundation too. 
I was blown away with the texture and the coverage. 
and I have pretty dark under eye circles .. 
when I says it covers. It covers. 

Essence Stay Natural Concealer in 03 soft nude
I love the twist up packaging and how natural this looks, 
I do need more coverage though so I don't think I'll repurchase this one. 
The mousse make up has more coverage than this one.

Essence colour and go quick drying nail polish in 76 hard to resist
OMG. Boy is this hard to resist. It's such a gorgeous deep blue shade with shimmer 
[I usually hate shimmer lol] . 
It's amazing. 
I haven't swatched this yet..
so I don't know how this actually performs.

Essence i love style liquid eyeliner in ultra black
When I first swatched this ..  I was kind of meh..
nothing special.
But when I used this [and I already used this twice]
It is so easy to apply and nicely pigmented .. 
I really like this one. 
It's also small and cute and awesome for travelling.

Essence lip liner in 09 nude coral
This is one of the products which blew me away. 
Their lipsticks [and I swatched like 5 of the lipstick tester shades at the stand]
are too sheer for my liking. 
But these lipliners are amazing to use all over the lips. 
They're are so smoothe to apply. 
I prefer this over my NYX beloved slim lip pencils. 
and the shade. GORGEOUS. 
I love this.

Essence silky touch blush in 30 secret it-girl
This is probably my favourite of the bunch. 
It's a natural looking peach blush with shimmer. 
I am always on the hunt for a nice peachy blush.
and this one.. is gorgeous. It is just the peach blush I picture when I'm thinking of the ideal peach blush. 
I wish it didn't have shimmer but it does not make me look like a disco ball anyway.
And even though this is quite sheer.. 
it can be build up. 
Even on my medium skintone, this shows up quite nicely and looks so natural.

Essence multi action mascara
This is the only product I have no intention of opening yet. 
I have so many unopened mascaras.. 
and I usually leave open 2-3 mascaras.. because they dry up so quickly. 
So you'll have to wait a while for me to tell you what I think about this. 
This was less than €3.. which is the cheapest mascara I ever bought. So that's pretty amazing. 

Essence mono eyeshadow in forest gump 48
I tried this today, I quite like this. The shade is to die for xD

That's it for this post guys,
expect reviews and stuff in the coming posts xD

Goodbye for now and take care sweethearts xxx


FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. Yay I'm glad you like them! I have the same blusher you bought and I agree with you, it's the perfect peach shade!

    Looking forward to more reviews :)

  2. Essence is one of my fav make up brands! It offers good quality products with cute girly packaging at very affordable prices! I'm sure you'll love it! If you need any suggestions, check out my blog. xxx

  3. YAY thank you so much guys, and NatalieDouka, I definitely will hun xD Thank you so much x

  4. Nice haul! Wish essence was available in the UK!

  5. We have a lot of Essence stands, and there is plenty of my favorites, but that mascara u have to try. its amazing efect, and its insanely it

  6. awh thank you so much that is very reassuring xD


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