NYX mosaic blush in highlight [review w/ swatches!!]

I have been meaning to do this review for quite a while now..
but since my laptop crashed and the hard drive was messed up..
and I couldn't get any back up..
all the photos I have taken..
got lost.

Anyway.. since then.. I have retaken the photos..
and I can finally do this review.

Just to give you an idea.. it takes me like 15 minutes per post to photograph the product and packaging..
then it takes me like another 15 minutes.. to choose the photos..
and like 30 minutes to one hour to write up and upload the photos and everything..
So basically..
blogging does take up a lot of my time.
But I love doing it..
it's a shame it's not my job..
because that would be lovely..
but you know.
I'll live hahaha xD

 Quite smoothe,
and not powdery at all.

This smells like crayola crayons..
My other mosaic blush in love and it does not smell funny at all.
Yeah the smell kind of bothers me to be honest..
but it's not THAT repulsive..
I just wished it hadn't any smell


 This is so nice and creamy
and it blends like a dream.

The cute round packaging is so sleek-looking..
I have not had any issues with this.

Well.. obviously it kind of starts to fade during the day..
but not that much that you won't be able to see the effect..
so it lasts all day but fades a little as hours roll by.

Nicely pigmented for a highlight..
You wouldn't want an uber pigmented highlighting shade
because that would be hard to blend but it is also very buildable.

You get a mix of 5 shades:
A yellow highlight
A pink highlight
A lavender highlight
A taupe highlight
A light green highlight..
Mixing the four shades together gives you a white highlight with a sheen to it with a peachy undertone.
It's a pretty cool highlight and is not shimmery, it only has a sheen to it.

I have used this on my under eye are to brighten up my under eye area.. and above the cheekbone area..
It looks amazing.. and looks so subtle and pretty ..

I really do enjoy having this in my collection..
I honestly don't reach for this very often..
but when I do I realise I really should because it gives you that J.Lo glow ..

FTC Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by NYX cosmetics (US) as a thank you for my previous posts about their products. I did not pay for the product.  I am not obliged to review their products, even the ones I received for free. Everything I said in this post is my personal opinion. I am not being paid to do this post and my sole aim is to share with you my experience with a certain product.


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