NYX single eyshadows [review and swatches!!]

 Hello guys!!
I have a long long review for you..
so sit tight.
and get ready for the ride.. 

So I have tried NYX single eyeshadows before.. 
and actually I have a post over here if you want to check them out. 
I have had my eye on them for quite a long time. 
And this summer I was really into eyeshadows so I got 12 NYX single eyeshadows off ebay. 

ROW 1: Vanilla Shimmer, Vanilla Sky, Dark Brown, Tropical
ROW 2: Champagne, Highlight, Iced Mocha, Hot Orange
ROW 3: Skin Tight, White Pearl, Kiss in Casablanca, Mellow Yellow

Vanilla Shimmer, Vanilla Sky, Dark Brown, Tropical swatches

Champagne, Highlight, Iced Mocha, Hot Orange swatches

Skin Tight, White Pearl, Kiss in Casablanca, Mellow Yellow swatches
I'm going to review every single eyeshadow individually, 
and tell you what I personally think about them.

SHADE: A gorgeous pinky peachy shade with strong silver frost to it
PURPOSES: all over the lid, inner corners, transition shade
FINISH: the site calls it "shimmery". I would say this is more frosty
TEXTURE: really powdery

I love this shade seriously,
and even though it gets soo powdery..
I work around it because it's worth the effort.

SHADE - A frosty light yellow shade
PURPOSES - highlighting the browbone
FINISH - the site describes this as a "frosty/shimmery" shade. I think this is more of a sheer frost
PIGMENTATION - more on the sheer side but not too bad
TEXTURE: silky

I could have gotten a different shade instead of this one. 
This and highlight are almost the same. 
except that highlight is more on the matte side, and less yellow. 
I definitely prefer highlight over this


SHADE: A medium matte brown with a golden undertone.
PURPOSES - contouring the crease, applying over a black or a brown base as a smokey eye. 
FINISH - the site describes this as a "matte" shade. It is indeed matte - but more of a satin finish. 
PIGMENTATION - very good
TEXTURE - silky

I already had this one. But I depotted it, 
and I kind of messed it up .. 
You can read all about my depotting experience here.
and if you don't feel like going to another post..
I'll sum it up for you. 
basically - everything rolls around in my palette and since I depotted the products, 
I can't put them back in their original packaging.. 
I have to repurchase them 
The second one I got is slightly darker in the packaging than the other one. 
And the other one seems more golden. 
But when swatched, there is very little difference between the two.


SHADE- a pinky orange coral shade with subtle gold shimmer.
PURPOSES- all over the lid, blending in the crease
FINISH- the site describes this as a shimmery/ frost .. I would say it's more matte than shimmery or frosty though
PIGMENTATION- sheer, lacks pigmentation. it seems like it has been overly pressed.
TEXTURE- silky

 This was one shade I thought I was going to love,
the shade is really really pretty but this seriously lacks pigmentation.. which is so upsetting.
Ok not THAT upsetting.
I still use it..
but not wowed.


SHADE: A peachy brown with a silvery metallic sheen to it
PURPOSES: an all over the lid shade
FINISH: the site calls this "metallic". I think this is more of a frosty shade.
TEXTURE: slightly powdery

I thought this was going to dupe my beloved Manhattan Multi Effects eyeshadow in Beige, 
it is more brown though than peach though.

SHADE - A matte creamy white shade with a strong yellow undertone
PURPOSES - I use this on the browbone as a highlight.
FINISH - the site describes this as a "matte". But this is more of a satin finish. 
PIGMENTATION - very good
TEXTURE - silky 

I wanted to get this as a highlight shade. It has a strong yellow undertone, 
which works brilliantly for my skintone.

SHADE : A taupe grey brown shade with strong silver metallic sheen to it
PURPOSES: smokey eyes..
FINISH: metallic
PIGMENTATION: decently pigmented
TEXTURE: buttery and silky

This is one of the so-called dupes for MAC's satin taupe.
It's seriously gorgeous, but I prefer Wet n Wild's Nutty over this.
But it's gorgeous and well worth it.

SHADE: A brilliant vibrant orange with chunks of gold glitter
PURPOSES: blending in the crease for an orange/brown smokey eye, applying over a white base for a vivid eye shadow look
FINISH: the site describes this as "glittery/matte" It is definitely so.
PIGMENTATION: seriously pigmented
TEXTURE: silky

I seriously LOVE this. It's an amazing shade. Honestly.


SHADE - A matte light peach shade with slight golden shimmer
PURPOSES - blending in the crease, all over the lid shade
FINISH - the site describes this as "shimmery" but it's more of a matte with sparse golden shimmers
PIGMENTATION - very good
TEXTURE - slightly powdery

Now this is one shade I love. 
It's exceptionally awesome 
and it blew me away.

SHADE - A white shade with silver micro shimmers
PURPOSES - innercorner highlight
FINISH - the site desribes this as a "frost", it's more of a shimmery shade to me
PIGMENTATION - lacks pigmentation, quite sheer
TEXTURE - slightly powdery
I quite like this as a highlight for my tear duct, 
it looks quite pretty and I reach for it quite often. 
I just wish it was more pigmented.


SHADE: A gorgeous electric blue shade
PURPOSES: a pop of blue under the eye area, blue smokey eyes
FINISH: metallic, a blue metallic sheen
TEXTURE: silky

I really really really like this shade .. HIGHLY recommended.


SHADE: A vibrant yellow
PURPOSES: inner corner.. or brightening the lid. A shade for the creative.
PIGMENTATION: Sheer, lacking pigmentation
TEXTURE: chalky

Yes - I was slightly disappointed with this one. 
The pigmentation was quite sheer.. 
It's like it was overly pressed or something. 
I wish I got yellow funk instead. 
I still use it though.

Anyway.. that was it for this endless post.. but I hope someone finds this helpful xx
Take care sweethearts!!

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. I love these eyeshadows by NYX, I want to collect all of them haha :) Did you get my email?

  2. Great haul Dyna~!
    Never running out of products



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