100% pure purity cosmetics fruit pigmented powdered blush in mimosa [review w/ swatches!!]

I'm being so naughty today..
I'm during a lecture.. 
and I'm going to post a review, 
because I'm such a rebel 
haha :P

So I'll be talking about the cruelty free vegan product from 100% pure..
mimosa powdered blush 
[I LOVE saying mimosa]
- anyway. 

Pretty nice, has a sleek mirror inside, 
and opens and closes really nicely..
It's pink, cute and environmental friendly. 

Ugh. crumbly blush... 
powdery powdery
crumbly crumbly. 
Yeah, I'm not going to lie. 
I feel that the texture is not very nice 
As soon as you touch this with a brush, 
it crumbles up. 


A really nice pinky coral shade with shimmer. 
too bad it doesn't show up. 
It only adds a tint to your face.
Well, it basically lasts all day.. 
given that the shade hardly shows up in the first place

Ok, how am I going to say this in a nice way.
the pigmentation sucks
I mean I have a medium skintone,..
and even on the lightest area on my hand this was sooo hard to show up.

Wearing mimosa powdered blush over 100% pure pot rouge in peachy
Not buildable at all. 
It almost fade into nothingness

The ONLY purpose I have for this blush is to use it to set your cream blush. 
I don't think it's worth purchasing $25 for  non pigmented blush. 
The only thing that I'm sold on is that it has no harsh chemicals for my face.. 
but aside from that, 
if I paid $25 for this blush, 
I would have been really disappointed.
And that's a shame, because the other two products I got, 
were brilliant.

You can check this out HERE 
It retails for $25.. for your reference :)

FTC Disclaimer: I got all of these products for free from 100% pure for PR purposes.  I am not compensated for any reviews or posts I do about their products.My first priority is my readers and everything I have stated is my personal opinion.


  1. This looks so beautiful on you, love it <3

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