Look what I got in the mail, thanks to Christine :)))

Hello guys, 

I am probably the unluckiest person in the world when it comes to computersand laptops and all that.
I lost the data in my laptop for the whooping 2nd time in a month. So basically my blog photos are gone again, 
and I had to retake them.. 
Oh the joys of the cyber world. 

and the awesome part is that not only my laptop lost all the data, it's not even switching on.. 
so I basically have to work on a 7.8" laptop I use at school. 
and yes. that is a very very small laptop.
Some weeks back, I won Christine's giveaway in which she was giving away 2 leopard print tops from H&M..
I happened to be lucky enough to win one of them, and she was kind enough to send me some cute and nice stuff other than the top..
check it out:

That's it for this post guys, 
I have two more coming :D

Also - check out my youtube channel over HERE I just uploaded a new video..  
which I'll talk about in a future post soon.
Thank you so much Christine!!

FTC Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any other blog out there, and I am not being paid to make this post. I am not obliged to make this post


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