2011 favourites #2 !! - blushes!!


First of all. I'd like to wish you ALL a Happy Christmas :D :D
and an awesome Christmas Eve..
I'll be spending mine with my lovely family :-)
what will you be doing tonight? xx

As for this post..
Instead of doing a single post showing you a list of products that I really enjoyed throughout 2011, 
I have decided to do a number of posts showing you my favourite products and telling you a little something about them :)

If you know me, I'm a little of a blush fanatic,
I'm a sucker for pink, coral, orange and peach blushes.
and I'm quite the collectionist when it comes to them.
Mind you, I don't splurge on make up, so you won't find any high end make up brands featured :)

If I were to narrow it down to the most worn blushes,
it was the following :

NYX mosaic blush in love
NYX powder blush in peach 
NYX powder blush in desert rose

As you can see, I'm a HUGE fan of NYX blushes.

Throughout the summer, 
I found myself reaching for the same blush over and over again..
and this was the NYX mosaic blush in love
When mixed together, 
you get the most gorgeous peachy orangey shade with just the right amount of shimmer. 
Very fond of this. 

wearing NYX mosaic blush in love

A blush I found myself reaching for,
especially in winter,
is the NYX blush in peach,
it's such a gorgeous bright pop of colour without overdoing it.

2nd blush from the left is NYX blush in peach

wearing NYX blush in peach

3rd blush from the left is a swatch of NYX blush in peach
As a pink blush, I have been loving the NYX dusty rose blush 
which works all year round and won't look like a walking clown. 
We wouldn't want that now, would we?

first swatch - dusty rose :)

That's it for this post :) 
Thank you so much for reading 
and stay tuned for the next 2011 product favourite posts :)
Let me know below.. 
What was your favourite blush throughout 2011?

- Dyna

FTC Disclaimer: I got the Mosaic blush in love and Dusty Rose blush products for free from NYX cosmetics US. I got the Peach shade with my own money.  I am not affiliated by NYX cosmetics. I am not compensated for any reviews or posts I do about NYX cosmetics. I am not obliged to do this post or any future reviews about the free products I have received.I would NEVER put my reputation on the line for the sake of free products.


  1. Great post Dyna... coincidentally I bought the NYX Mosaic blush in Love and LOVE it lol and also bought the NYX blush in Desert Rose and LOVE it too! Haha we have similar tastes in terms of blush colours I suppose!! Have a wonderful Christmas and a lovely NYE ;)

  2. Ohh haha :D you have great taste then :P ahahaha .. xxx happy chrismas and new year dearest xxx:D


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