ELF regular 3 pc set eyelid primers [review w/ swatches!!]


I have been meaning to do this review for a while, 
but I kind of kept postponing it.

would like to say I never had a "coloured" eye primer before so these were my first :)

champagne, nude, white pearl

pretty sleek,
they remind me of how MAC lipglosses look
I don't have any though so that's just a perception.

The texture varies on the three of them.
I would say pearl has a drier texture
whereas nude and champagne has a creamier texture.

They're all pretty pigmented.
But they're not super pigmented either.

They last all day,
and they perform similarly to the essentials eyelid primer

Pearl: a sheer white shade with silver shimmer
Champagne: a sheer peachy taupe brown with silver shimmer
Nude: a shimmerless tinted shade

champagne, nude, white pearl - heavy swatch

champagne, nude, white pearl - blended

I don't really reach for champagne and white pearl.
Champagne is really lovely as a shade, but white pearl is rather too sheer.
I really love nude, even though it's more creamy than the elf eyelid primer.
It has a rather drier consistency.
If you like "coloured" primers,
you might like this,
I'm not the biggest fan but it's definitely worth having and worth checking out.
I much prefer a traditional tinted eye primer though like "nude". 

Thanks for reading guys, I hope this was helpful,
take care

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. I always wondered whether there was much point in a tinted primer as you wouldn't be able to see if through the eyeshadow. Do the two shades make eyeshadows pop?

  2. Not really enigma, but they do add shimmer to the look. :) .. Layering with eyeshadows normally make sit look like a normal tinted eye primer to be honest x

  3. Hmm I wasn't sure about these at first because the sheer one does the job well! You saved me some money Dyna ;)

  4. yeah lara, I think sticking to the nude one is a safer option..


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