Essence Cosmetics - brand overview.. initial impressions :)

Recently I found out that essence is sold in shops in Malta, 
so of course, I had to get to it and get me some. 

This is a mere brief overview of the products for you to get an idea of what I think. 
Full reviews are coming soon. 

and I'm going to buy much much more.. so yeah.
this is not the last post. 
When I think about it, 
I have very little items, but I'm going to get me much more trust me.


Essence soft touch mousse makeup [04 matt ivory]
I LOVE this shiiiiiizzle. 
I use a lighter shade to brighten up my under eye circles.. 
I usually apply two coats.. and it's enough for my evil dark under eye area. 
I am going to get one matching my skin to use as foundation because I LOVE this. 

Essence mono eyeshadows [blockbuster, forest gump]
 I only have two of these eyeshadows. 
You get a ton of product, 
and the pigmentation is amazing. 

Essence waterproof liquid eyeliner
I LOVE this. 
I wish the tip of the sponge applicator was more pointy to get a sharper line, 
but that's okay. 
It's smudgeproof, 
and kind of waterproof, 
unless you vigorously rub your eye when the liner is wet. 

Essence i love style liquid eyeliner [ultra black]
I quite like this. 
But this is not smudgeproof and not waterproof. 
Also, it has a glossy finish which I'm not a fan of, unlike the other one, which dries matte.

Essence lipliners [soft rose, soft coral]
These lipliners are really nice. They're not the most amazing lipliners in the world in terms of pigmentation
but they are super soft and do their job nicely. 

Essence stay natural concealer [soft nude]
Err. This is probably the least favourite product in the bunch. 
It's okay, 
but it's rather sheer for a concealer.
Especially for my dark under eye area..
so I'm not going to repurchase this one..

Essence nail polishes [viva la green, hard to resist]
I LOVE these nail polishes. 
You get 5ml of product, which is enough for me...
I don't get why polishes have like 10ml of product when half way through usage it dries up.
I only apply one coat with these, maximum two. 
They dry quite quick and they last quite a long time. 

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. I really like essence mousse)But I don't like their mascaras...But I like lipglosses)
    Nice review, as usual though!))

  2. Oh I have one mascara talia.. I haven't tried it yet.. x I do have one lipgloss too :D yay :D thanks hun x

  3. i like essence too ! i have the soft nude concealer too ! but i kinda like it . i just use it under my eye area. it's sheer but just ok :) and for the price, it's really cheap.

    and the lipliners! gosh, they're drying !

    you should try their superstay lipgloss. amazing :)

  4. i have their stay with me lipgloss... it's quite nice xD

    I actualy like the lipliners hehe xD


  5. Thanks for the reviews. I really like the No Limits Volume Mascara a grey one. The lashes doesn't stick together and it gives quite a volume. Worth give it a try. I really like essence make up, good value for money :)

  6. I do like essence products because they have some good quality items and their prices do not break the bank!

  7. You've been featured! lol

    Cocicoci is a shop in Malaysia that sells Essence makeup =)

  8. Essence cosmetics are amazing, and the price is so affordable! :) Love them. Might try out the mousse when i go shopping next, it sounds like a great product. :D

  9. @Carmen, Oh I really should check that out xD
    @Isabel, Lol I didn't know haha, thanks for linking :D
    @LauraLeia, I LOVE their products I'm definitely trying A LOT LOT more haha xD

  10. OMG... have the exact shades of lipliners that you have. LOL... it's not amazing but yes, just like what you've said, they still do what they're supposed to do and for that price, no complain.

    *high five*

    I'm lemming towards the mousse foundation now after reading this. Haha... Looking forward to your full review!


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