Essence soft touch mousse make up [review w/ swatches!!]

I have a review today :))
I really love this product and I have been using this every single day since I got it. 
And I got it .. 
a month and a half ago...
so that says A LOT.

I have this Essence soft touch mousse make up in the shade 04 matt ivory. 

You can check out how this applies in my video BELOW:

allow me to bore you with the review now..

Kind of bulky, it could be smaller since the cap is rather huge for no reason. 
But when compared to the excess packaging on the ELF cream shadows this is NOTHING.
Also, I have to tell you, this is meant to be used as a foundation, 
and my brother's girlfriend loves it as a foundation. 
I have not yet tried it as a foundation since I got a 2-shade lighter product to brighten up my under eye area. 
I have to say, though, 
you get VERY little product if you happen to use this as a foundation. 
If you apply foundation every single day.. 
This will probably last you a maximum of 2 weeks. 
Having said that, 
this is only €4.50 so it's not like you're paying THAT much anyway. 
But to be honest.. 
It's more worth it to buy a NYX foundation if I were to use this as a foundation. 

and when I say soft, it's freaking soft. 
And when compared to the Maybelline Mousse foundation, 
this is way way WAY softer. 
And no, I don't own the maybelline foundation, 
but I swatched it at a store :D

This is a yellow undertoned foundation 
[or concealer - since I use it as a concealer]
It's around one or two shades lighter.

swatched heavily, blended

when powdered, this lasts all day. 
if not powdered, 
this will fade away rather easily.
It would settle in fine lines. and eventually fade away. 
So I personally consider powdering as a must for maximum lasting power.

swatched heavily, blended

This is medium to full coverage, but when doubled up, 
it offers full coverage for my dark doomed under eye circles. 

Yes, it creases and settles in fine lines on the under eye area.
But what do you really expect? .. 
I never read a single review with someone saying an under eye concealer doesn't crease. 
But correct me if I'm wrong. 

wearing Essence soft touch mousse make up in matt ivory 04

I LOVE this as a concealer, 
it's soft so you don't drag this on your delicate under eye area. 
This almost melts in the skin and doesn't look too unnatural like other concealers.
I highly recommend it, 
it's one of my favourite essence products and it's worth the try.
Will I repurchase? Yes I definitely will.. 

Thank you for reading 
and let me know if you've tried this :D
Thanks guys xxx

 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. looks nice n great product...hnx for review

  2. Wow you can really pull off orange lipstick. it looks amazing on you! I think you look amazing!

  3. thx sahar :))

    @Loevens Oh orange is my favourite lip colour I love it :D :D Thanks sweety x

  4. The end result looks perfect dear and love the orange lip!! :) x x

  5. this looks lovely!:) is there dupe for the essence soft touch mousse makeup in the UK as we dont have essence over here:( xx

    1. I haven't found anything quite as good, no, unfortunately :/

    2. thanks Dyna:) i'll do some searching to see if i can buy it anywhere:)

      ive followed your blog too, please can youu follow mine? (only if youu want to though:))

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