TUTORIAL!! How to fill in your eyebrows using drugstore products !!


I have just uploaded my  EYEBROW TUTORIAL video using 
ELF cosmetics products. 

I hope you find it helpful guys :)) 

This is the actual tutorial!!

This is my tutorial on how I fill in my brows on a daily basis / when going out. This lasts all day and night, but it might now work for everybody. Because I have quite some hairs to work with in my brow area, the wax sticks to my eyebrows easily, however, if you have sparse hair, this will not work for you, it's better to opt for an eyebrow pencil instead :)

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This is the link to my video on how to put on false lashes :

Here is the list of products I mentioned in case I was talking too much and got you mixed up:
ELF eyebrow kit in light [I also have ash and medium - but light works best for me]
ELF wet gloss lash and brow mascara in crystal

Thank you for watching!! xxx

FTC Disclaimer: I have purchased all products unless otherwise stated in the description. I am not being paid for this video.


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