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New Years Nails: Geometric Black Nails

I totally forgot to post this one. I actually chopped the gel nails and am embracing my natural nails. I'm still doing the posts I had promised a while back on how I do my gel nails for those of  you interested to save up some money from the nail salon. :)

I used ELF's black nail polish in Black and white nail tape like these under here.

FTC Disclaimer: I bought everything with my own money and I am not compensated for this post.

Another giveaway win brown box !! [thx to Jessica]

Earlier in mid- December I won this giveaway by Out in a Pout who is a beauty blog written by make up artist Jessica. As I have said before, I follow a lot of beauty blogs, but I love Jessica's blog, because you can see things in a make up artist's perspective :):) As soon as I found out I won - I literally freaked out .. I was Entry 226 out of 274 entries, it was like an early Christmas present :D:D ahhh.. I got the box a few weeks ago :D:D and I had been delaying the post because of exams. Jessica was so sweet, she even threw in some extra stuff in there for me and packaged everything soooo well, everything was perfect :D So allow me to show you a sneek peek of what I got :D:D

Look what I got in the mail !! [ thanks to Ursula :D ] - [photo heavy !!]

A couple of weeks ago I took part in Ursula's blog's closed giveaway. Her blog is ILLUSTROUS LOVES. Definitely worth checking out. She's the kind of person that could easily be your best friend. Her posts are awesome, and she's ever so sweet.

So I was lucky enough to win the actual giveaway, and I was so so thrilled when I found I had this huuuuuge box waiting for me to open. Take a look w/ me guys: