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Essence kiss care love lip balm in 03 fruitylicious | review w/ swatches !

I have an Essence product review today .. it's about a lip balm that they have launched quite recently.  They are tinted lip balms, and they really remind me of the Maybelline baby lips  (I don't own any of them because A. I think they're overpriced, B. They're not cruelty free. )
Anyway here goes my review. 

PACKAGING Quite child like, but still cute,  it does feel kind of cheap  and these get quite messy over time because the lip balms  are very creamy so they tend to get all over the place. 

TEXTURE Very creamy, buildable,  but be careful because if you build it up too much it can look streaky.  It is moisturising but not really hydrating.

SHADE A baby pink with a frost finish

FINISH Glossy, Soft frost.  Now we all know how much I hate frosts,  but this one seems to pass for me because it is a very faint frost plus,  it kind of blends in the glossy finish. 

LASTING POWER  Needs reapplying frequently.  Even every hour, I would say

SCENT/ FLAVOUR Smells like …

Catrice precision eye pencil in 030 Silver Stallone | review w/ swatches !

I have been trying out these Catrice eyeliners,  I wasn't interested in buying them before but when I went to the bloggers event,  Daniela told me she really enjoys these and she prefers these to the Essence longlasting eye pencils (which I love!).
Anyway.  Here goes my review on the : Catrice precision eye pencil in 030 Silver Stallone

PACKAGING Twist up packaging,  quite sleek.  But I've had issues with the packaging .. for two reasons: 1. it takes AGES to twist it all up,  2. Sometimes it doesn't twist back down and I've wasted a whole one of these because of this.   Other than that, I'm fine.  But it is quite a big deal, to be honest. 

TEXTURE Very very creamy.  Smudgeable, too.  Draws effortlessly whether it's your waterline, lower lashline or lashline. 

PIGMENTATION Nicely pigmented. 

SHADE  A metallic silver colour

LASTING POWER Lasts all day, without the need to set it. On the waterline, it would need retouching.  

FINISH Frosty finish


Get your bling bling on ! | Pupa Milano Diamond Collection !

I received some products from Pupa Milano in Malta  and I thought I'd show you what  I got because they're perfect for some  New Year bling-bling.. 

ABOUT THE COLLECTION.  It's for the festive season. And there are 4 new nail polishes, 2 new lipsticks,  4 new glitter eyeliners and 4 new diamond eyeliners. 
They're all limited edition so if you see anything you like -  I'd say get it now before it's gone.  Read more about the collection HERE 


This is not a review,  as I have only played around with these  but not long enough to tell you about lasting power and performance.
1. DIAMOND EYELINER (glitter eyeliner gel)

I got shade 03 Copper Glitter D├ęco.  I'm asucker for a good glitter eyeliner.  These baby glitters are not sparse at all..  The glitter is not fine but it's fine.  - In the sense that the glitter is quite chunky in appearance (it doesn't look like fine glitter) - but it's fine in texture, it's not suppose…

Tres Emme Reconstructing Deep Conditioning Treatment Hair Masque | review !

I always tend to review products that have to do with makeup  but every now and then I post a review on hair products This is one of them. 
 Tres Emme is famous for providing hair products at a reasonable price with salon-quality. 
I have tried products that didn't particularly wow me,  but this one is not one of these products that fall under this category.
This was my first ever Tres Emme mask,  and I loved it and still do.

How I apply this: I shampoo my hair, and after I soak off the excess water from my hair  I apply this generously and wait a few minutes for my hair to soak the product in.
Over a month ago I changed my hair colour, I went back to brown  and my hair was suddenly dry with no shine and  it was the unhealthiest my hair has ever been. 
This mask has really helped a lot with that.  My hair immediately started feeling softer and healthier.  I love the smell and the texture too.

Packaging-wise I much prefer this over a squeezy tube, much easier to scoop …

Essence Soul Sista TE teal glitter eyeliner | review w/ swatches !

I got my hands on a  few Essence soul sista products back in summer.  I know it takes me quite a while to review products but I truly wanted to test these out first.

I didn't get all of the collection but I wanted to share reviews of what I got.

Essence Soul Sista TE teal glitter eyeliner   This little nugget is so beautiful, the colour is such a divine mermaid teal colour,
I love it.
It's not the densest of all glitter liners for sure,
but it's definitely  nice-to-have product in your collection.
I usually like to use this over teal eyeliner for that pop of colour on the lower lashline,
and it lasts a good 5 hours with no fading
so that's pretty good.

While I wouldn't call this a must have,
a beautiful teal glitter eyeliner is quite difficult to find,
so I'm glad I got this
and I definitely use it quite frequently.
The packaging is tiny and cute, nothing to complain about in that regard.

FTC DISCLAIMER: I got this product for free for…

How I wear coral lips when coral lips are out of season.


So if you've been following my blog for a while
you'd know I love coral / peach / orange lips..
they work great when you have a tan and it oftem makes us associate summer with coral lips.

But - I don't like colour rules,
and I don't like to abide by them.
So I'm going to show you how I wore coral lips in winter
and it still worked.

FACE NYX HD foundation in sand beige, warm sand Maybelline age rewind concealer in light ELF cool bronzer  Milani baked blush in luminoso NYX mosaic blush in highlight *
EYES TFSI NYX single eyeshadows in champagne, dark brown, highlight, cryptonite Catrice gel eyeliner in black jack with jack black Catrice precision eye pencil in blackstreet boy ELF mineral eyeshadow in angelic Colorful online lashes #011 Duo eyelash adhesive in waterproof
EYEBROWS Essence eyebrow stylist - dark side Essence lash and brow gel mascara
LIPS Sleek matte lipstick in Papaya Punch  Sleek sheen lipstick in Peaches and Cream

*product sent for free for…

Nivea Pure and Natural lip balm | review !

I swear I thought I had reviewed this product  ages ago... but I can't find my post and it's still on my to-do-list.  So I guess here goes my review. 
I don't know about you, but I love lip balms -  I always have one around,  and if not,  I have to hunt one down.  I have a habit of losing lip balms and then finding them again and such.

I bought this after I read a good review on it,  I forgot who and what they said though. 
This is quite a thin lip balm,  so it's not heavy on the lips at all.  It's nice and moisturising,  I like the packaging and the print on it. 
It's apparently all natural, or supposed to be,  but I'm the wrong person to ask about that. 
I do, love this lip balm.  It's not my favourite one as I much prefer my Nivea Lip Relief over this. 
I do recommend this, though.   I hope you find this review helpful,  and let me know what you think

Dyna  xxx

  FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the …