Catrice nail polish in Meet me at Coral Island [review w/ swatches] !!


I have a nail swatch and review today :D
I have been trying to get access to Catrice for a while,
I checked on ebay but products are somewhat too expensive 
when compared to the retail price. 

FINALLY. I got around to some Catrice nail polishes since, 
I believe, the same person behind Essence cosmetics is getting the Catrice products slowly in Malta.
As far as I know, 
only nail polishes are currently available, 
and because I know some people will ask, 
I got these from the Health Shop at University Canteen, 
but I contacted Essence's customer care and they told me 
that Tony's Pharmacy in Gzira has a wider range of products :)

As far as Catrice's nail polishes go, 
they do not have the same consistency. 
I only have two but they are different..
I have Apropos Apricot and 
Meet me at Coral Island.

Apropos Apricot had a sticker with "2x coats" written on it, 
so I guess that should have told me it's not opaque as Meet me at Coral Island. 

This needed  coats for maximum colour payoff,
so it's quite nice :)

This is a lovely orange rosy pink shade, very "coral" and very pretty :))

It dries to a shiny finish, and I applied the Seche Vite top coat on it 
so that I won't mess it up. 

Having said that, 
my Seche Vite top coat is getting all goopy in texture, 
such a shame. 

Anyway here's the swatch:



I am also wearing it in this video :

I'm glad I got to try it out, 
I might repurchase, 
but I'm not sure.. we'll see I guess :)

For your reference it costs €2.79.

Thanks for reading and check out my other review on Apropos Apricot  :)

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. fantastic find dyna!
    will have to go have a look see if i can find these beauts

    Stefy xx

  2. Thanks Stef :D I actually got them from university campus from health plus just underneath campus but they have a bigger range at Tony's Pharmacy Gzira :D xxx

  3. i meant underneath canteen not campus *blonde moment* haha

  4. OMG ! i love Catrice cosmetics ! love their nailpolishes, makeup.... evrything !! and their so cheap :)


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