ELF 6 in 1 palette in da mail !! + 25% OFF CODE!


I was chosen by ELF to review this palette for my readers :)
I was also given a CODE exclusively for anyone reading this post to get a 25% OFF the palette if you plan to buy it. 

This is the code:


This will knock of 25% off the full price (£10).. which means you can get it for £7.50

I don't get a percentage off what you pay or anything like that in case you're wondering.
Also. I suggest you wait for ELF's fan page to turn the 300,000 likes..
they'll be offering a 30% off which is a better deal, I feel.

Also, I cannot promise you that if you wait it will be in stock -
it's a risk you'll have to take, if you know what I mean :)

I'm sharing the code now because it ends on 31st January, 2012 - Minimum spend £10.

I haven't tried the palette enough to do a full review..
so I'm not going to say my full thoughts now.
I'm only going to tell you my honest initial impressions. 

I LOVE the idea of having a 6 in 1 palette, taking one if you're travelling and all that.


I feel the shades coordination weren't that well thought out [sorry] - there are very limited highlighting shades in each individual palette. There's is no pure matte black, and there are some shades which were repeated, I don't like that.


I have used it twice so far. I found myself using this as a whole palette more than an individual palette ordeal. Except for pretty picnic perhaps, that one - I like as an individual palette. 

I already planned the swatches and everything. I never had to swatch eyeshadows over a primer.. 
I had to swatch all of them over the mineral eyeshadow primer. 
Pigmentation is inconsistent, 
and the 10 matte shades out of the 60 eyeshadows tend to be the least pigmented. 
[which is a shame - I like my mattes]
 Having said that, the frosty shades tend to be more pigmented.
There are some gorgeous shades in the palettes..
there's an olive green I used today and I loved :D
The greens I love..

Date Night - I feel has the most duplicate shades which I find annoying.
I was expecting super glittery shades,
a couple of silvers and all that.
But overall I like.

Sorry, I'm trying to be "mild"
but they do.
And if you happen to like them
[which I highly doubt you will]
you're going to get eyeshadow all over them eventually trust me.

The TEXTURE is BETTER than the 32 eyeshadow palette I feel.
I hated the texture in that palette..
it was way too powdery for me.
But on the other hand, this is less pigmented.

No you won't get the most vibrant shades,
but the shades are so pretty ..
I was amazed by the shades..
I loved ALL of the blushes. except for the peachy pink one perhaps.
It was too sheer for me
They're a bit on the natural side.
And women of colour won't get much use out of the blushes..
but people with pale and medium complexions will love these.
They tend to be slightly powdery, but hey,
it's worth it.
I have a ton of blushes - I definitely have shades I don't own.
Most of the blushes have a peachy undertone which is so hard to master.
You get different finishes, from matte to shimmer to satin.

I definitely think this is a palette worth getting if you're looking for experimentation.
If you're a matte eyeshadow lover.
Don't get it.
you'll be disappointed.
The frosty shades are gorgeous though.
Well, generally speaking.

I wouldn't say I LOVE the palette.
Because I don't.
I do like the whole idea.. and I think I'll get a lot of use out of the neutral shades..
But I wouldn't say I'm blown away.
I think it might be a good present for a friend because the packaging is gorgeous.

and if you plan to get it for yourself..
be prepared that you might want to use this as a whole palette instead of an individual palette ordeal.
But it's good if you're looking to experiment. 

I'll keep you updated :))

Stay tuned xx


A little side note: I am not a "promoter", I am a beauty blogger, which means I refuse to "promote" anything I don't like. Don't worry, I am not after free products :) If I like something I say so, if I don't I say so too hehe. I want people trusting my opinion, not free products.

FTC Disclaimer: I got this product for free from ELF cosmetics UK for PR purposes.  I am not compensated for any reviews or posts I do about their products.My first priority is my readers and everything I have stated is my personal opinion.


  1. Oh no that's such a shame you didnt like it more! Great review though i was thinking of getting one but i will save my pennies and get something else! Keep up the good work :) xx

  2. I was thinking the exact same thing with the lipgloss getting eyeshadow on them I hate messy make-up and that would drive me mad!

    Jazz x


  3. i totally agree with your opinion on the palette. plus i find extra hard to open the individual palette packaging. and there is no protection for the rest while you use only one. not very well thought of palette i agree and the colors are not worth it. if i could only find a way to depot the blushes....

  4. @SweetEscape.. yeah hunny I think elf has produced better items unfortunately. It still is good, just not worth raving about :(
    @Jazz - yeah I think they should have just included more eyeshadows or some sort of highlight or powder product.
    @The Rambler - me too!! I actually forgot to mention that.. the indiidual palette is quite hard to open :(


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