ELF luscious liquid lipstick in nude pink NEW [review with swatches!!]

Hello guys, 
back with another ELF review!!
You guys all know how much I love the company .. 
and most of their stuff are a hit.. but some are a miss.

This one is one of the new shades so I couldn't find a swatch before. 
I LOVE my PERFECT PINK luscious liquid lipstick which you can check out HERE
it's like the awesomest shade of pink ever..
did I like this ? ...

WAIT - I'll guide you through the texture and everything first :)

thick texture, 
not drying,
smoothe on the lips
slightly sticky

not a lipstick kind of pigmentation,
but very pigmented for a gloss!!
amazing :D

not a huge fan, 
it's a kind of surgical minty smell, 
but it's ok. 
Just not a huge fan haha

fades very nicely
no drying patches or anything

pretty good,
slightly better than the NYX round lipglosses and NYX mega shines too. 
and even the ELF glossy glosses
Now the packaging says you need to twist it for like 10-12 times to get the product out. 
It's more than that -like 30 or something. 
But- I heard a lot of people complaining about this
You only do this the first time..
So no big deal here


I actually talked about this in the HAUL VIDEO which you can check out BELOW:

This is a pretty pink- BUT it has a soft frost to it..
which I hate. 
To me, frost kind of ruins the shade ..
it looks rather silvery to me..
which is not something I like.. 

So the shade is basically a nude cool toned pink with a soft frost to it..
I personally don't like it.. 
and I wouldn't wear it
because it just doesn't fit my liking. 


 I definitely reccomend the luscious liquid lipsticks overall, very much so.
I honestly didn't like this.. and I don't recommend it if you hate frosts..
if you like what you see in the swatches, then go for it. 
I just have to tell you I personally dislike the shade, unfortunately.
Because I personally HATE frosts, any types of frost, and even shimmer in my lip products.

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. Ahh I'm a huge fan too never tried any of their glosses as I don't like sticky lips I might have to try a few soon, This one isn't sticky is it?

    Jazz x


  2. Wow I think I really like this color. I want to get it now Thank you so much Dyna!

  3. I got that gloss, and I LOVE it. Thoough its really sticky!

    Christina / frkstubba.blogspot.com

  4. well aha I would say it's kind of thick .. it is rather sticky but not too sticky either :)

  5. I was considering this for ages and it is a really pretty colour but it wouldn't suit me... So glad I didn't buy it!! Though it actually suits you quite nicely!!


  6. I love these lipsticks, but I didn't buy this one because it wouldn't suit me...besides I don't like this frosty finish. :D:D

    Nice blog btw. :D:D xx

  7. i think the color is really nice and great for everyday.. or if your the type of person who isn't really into bold lipsticks. great review! :) and i LOOOVEEE your banner! lookin hot!

  8. Aww I'm glad you found it helpful ladies :D ..

    Thanks Donna :D :D so sweet hunny :D

  9. Aww .Mine favourite colour its really a cool,nice and very attractive collection. you are looking beautiful.Close look of your lips pic making more u stunning :).


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