ELF NEW regular essential lipstick [review w/ swatches] all shades!!


I have another ELF product review today!!
I was lucky enough to have these sent to me for free from eyelipsface.co.uk
But to be honest, if I didn't get these for free I would have bought these anyway.. 
not the Sociable one though.

Flirtatious, Captivating, Nostalgic, Sociable, Fearless, Charming


Not a fan
Looks cheap [I know the lipstick actually IS cheap]
Hate the transparent part.
Not a fan of the packaging at all. 
I adore the mineral lipstick's packaging. 
But the packaging of this product isn't the most amazing. 
But for the price you can't complain about that.

LEFT TO RIGHT: sociable, fearless, charming, nostalgic, captivating, flirtatious

Creamy, much criemier than the other lipstick in seductive that I have from the old range. 
Some shades are creamier than others. 
sociable: drying texture. you can feel the glitter against your lips, applies a thick layer on your lips
fearless: less creamy than others, but still quite creamy.
charming: really creamy
nostalgic: really really creamy
captivating: really really creamy
flirtatious: really creamy

LEFT TO RIGHT: sociable, fearless, charming, nostalgic, captivating, flirtatious


All shades are very pigmented but pigmentation varies according to shade:
sociable: really really pigmented

fearless: really really pigmented

charming: quite pigmented

nostalgic: quite pigmented

captivating: quite pigmented

flirtatious: quite pigmented

 RIGHT TO LEFT: sociable, fearless, charming, nostalgic, captivating, flirtatious


A little more than average: 
3-4 hours.

RIGHT TO LEFT: sociable, fearless, charming, nostalgic, captivating, flirtatious

sociable: A fucshia shade with red undertone and chunks of silver glitter

fearless: A bright neutral red

charming: A rosy MLBB shade

nostalgic: A nude pink shade [a shade darker than ELF's natural nymph. I can't wear natural nymph, but this I can wear on its own]

captivating: A nude bright peachy orange shade

flirtatious: A bright blue based nudish pink.

Left ro Right: Sociable, Fearless
Left to Right: Charming, Nostalgic

Captivating, Flirtatious

About the Product
The GOOD: Super Creamy, Glossy, nicely pigmented, moisturising, hydrating, lovely smell and taste

The BAD: The packaging. It looks cheap and the lipsticks are prone to breaking due to the stiff texture. But I'm definitely sucking it up because the shades are just plain AMAZING and unique




A bright fuschia with reddish undertones 
packed with silver shimmer. 
Ok, I have to admit. 
This is the ONLY one I didn't really like. 
I personally hate shimmer / frost / glitter in my lipsticks.. 
but it's not an ugly shade, 
I just personally wouldn't wear this. 
The other shades are AMAZING though :D 
to die for :D



I know.. horrible lip swatch.. but I was in a hurry lol
wearing fearless - more true to colour

Oh boy you'd have to be fearless to wear this.. 
This is a bright red lipstick which is neither an orangey-fire engine red and neither a deep warm red.. 
I find it has a blue-ish undertone to it which makes it a rather wearable red lipstick. 
I am so excited to try this out though :D
I'm not a huge red lipstick fan, 
but this one, 
I got to admit. 
I like a lot:D




OMG. I have to tell you, I wouldn't have gotten this shade. 
Never would I have gotten this shade if ELF didn't send this to me 
but it might be the most wearable one as it's the closest ever lipstick to my natyral lip color.. 
It's so flattering and it will probably be my next MLBB shade, I'm not even kidding. :D



This is one of the shades I reallllly waited for to get.. 
and it's so worth it.. it honetsly looks amazing.
It looks a lot like NYX's black label lipstick in nude without the bright coral undertone.. 
it's more pink than peach but it's really lovely. 
It's darker than ELF's natural nymph and more wearable,..
it's still lighter than my lips.
I think this was the least pigmented of the bunch, but it's highly buildable.



This is the MOST one I wanted to try ..
I was even going to get it off ebay ..
but I decided to be a good girl and wait ..
and thank god I did. 
I thought this was going to be darker.. 
and brighter.
but it's more of a peachy orangey nude bright lipstick. 
Does that make sense??
It's such a UNIQUE shade. 
I don't have ANYTHING like it. 
If you're warm skintoned or like orange lipstick shades, 
you will NOT go wrong with this one...



I have like .. err. I don't know.. 12-15 pink lipsticks..
and none of them looks quite like this one. 
NONE of them,
It's a wearable barbie doll nudish bright pink with a rosy undertone.. 
it looks so fun and amazing on the lips. 
I highly recommend this one too..


I would say these all have a creamy almost glossy finish.


An lovely cherry smell.
I quite like it.

If you plan to get these, 
I should prepare you that these lipsticks have a tendency to break. 
My old shade in seductive broke. 
And out of the new 6 shades, 
Charming broke.

Till another review :)

 FTC Disclaimer: I got all of these products for free from ELF cosmetics UK for PR purposes.  I am not compensated for any reviews or posts I do about their products.My first priority is my readers and everything I have stated is my personal opinion.


  1. I quite like these! My first choice would be Flirtatious, as I have a soft spot for bright pinks. Love this review, hun! xx

  2. aww thanks hunny. Flirtatious is GORG. :D

  3. Great review! I have awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award! Check here for more info: http://alittlepowder.blogspot.com/2012/01/look-my-first-award.html

  4. aww thanks doll.. truly appreciated xx

  5. I love these lipsticks, they are really good :)

  6. I will get Nostalgic and Flirtatious after seeing your swatches :) I have Sociable and I quite like it. I just put lip balm underneath it to counteract any drying effects :)

  7. I want them all! Great swatches!

  8. You have such beautiful lips. I love seeing all the swatches and now I feel like my lipstick collection won't be complete if I don't get a few. LOL. Great review. :)


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