ELF studio cream eyeshadows [review with swatches] !!


I have a few ELF products I still have to review.. 
and this is one of them. 
Now before I say anything..
I'm not too keen on cream eyeshadows, I'm very powder all the way kind of person..
unless I need a base. 
I used to use my ELF studio cream liner in black and coffee as bases..
and while they worked nicely, 
this works even better than them!!


Bulky, bulky, bulky,
sorry elves, I don't get the point why a couple of the studio line products have such a bulky packaging. 
This is around the same size as the lip conditioner wth spf 15 from ELF's studio line.. 
so it's pretty bulky and space-consuming.

pewter, smoke

pewter, smokey



pewter, smoke

pewter, smoke

Glides so smoothe, I love it!!

I used to use my ELF studio concealer brush to apply this..
I find it does an amazing job at it, much better than fingers. 
But lately, I found it works better with a fluffy brush
I usually use my ELF contouring eye brush that comes with the ELF mineral eyeshadow set.

BRONZED: A warm bronzey brown shade with gold shimmers.
PEWTER: A greyish shade with a metallic sheen with a green  undertone.
SMOKE: A metallic greyish black

Very nicely pigmented

Lasts all day with or without a primer.

I LOVE these as a base for smokey eyes. I can't recommend these any further.
I'm so glad I tried this.. I highly recommend this product.

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. Love it, so glad you like them I have quite a few on my wish list so im more confident in buying them now!! Xxx

  2. Ahh I was wondering about these! I'm powder all the way girl too but I think I might just have to test these out! Thanks for the review!

    Jazz xo

    jazzreallyloves.blogspot.com :)

  3. Those are massive! I imagined they would be the same size as the cream eyelier. x

  4. your posts are so boring... i hate all these elf advertisements. they really come off heavy. if you could at least just spare us and do a full review all at once rather than breaking it in to multiple posts... it's unnecessary. i'm sure all these products are from one haul or sponsored by the company. they must really be trying to promote elf in the uk now...

    1. Anonymous trolls fail on every level...

      Go back to your cave you sad lonely creature.

      Do us all a favor next time and write something constructive, or simply don't visit this blog at all.

      The fact that you took your time to read all her blog posts clearly shows a jealous fan with self-esteem problems.

    2. "they must really be trying to promote elf in the uk now..."
      Dyna is MALTESE... If you're gonna comment, make sure what you're saying makes sense please!
      Plus, she takes the time to make a blog post about every different item so that 1: she can be more thorough with her reviews and 2: so that people can just read whichever one interests them most!
      Please, get a life! xD

      Dyna, great job with your reviews! :D xxx

    3. "DEAR" Anonymous, if you hate Dynas posts this much then why are you reading them, heck why are you even commenting? I would never comment on something I did not like, why be mean?

      you must have a pretty boring life, sitting there wishing you were half as good as Dyna....

      I actually think it's OK to tell a person what you think about their blog as long as you do this with respect for the blogger and as long as you feel that what you have to say could be useful and good for the blogger... you (anonymous) you are just talking trash.

      As Dyna already knows, there is nothing! wrong with the way she writes and her posts are always great, go do your own thing and write the way you like and let's see how many subscribers you would get.

    4. omg thank you so much guys :D :D Having so many awesome people there for me makes everything so worthwhile :D :D

  5. @Anonymous.. because you're such a hypocrite that you won't even post your name. It is NONE of your business how I post my own posts. I post them however I like them.. and if you clearly had the time to write a rude comment on my blog post, you clearly are jealous. Because when I read posts I don't like I don't waste my time writing a stupid comment to put that person down. I encourage bloggers not dishearten them. This is not an ELF advertisement. It's a freaking review, dumbass. I suggest googleing the definition. Oh wait - I should probably explain what googleing means, because you probably don't know what that means. If my posts really come off "heavy" don't read them. Honestly, I don't need you to read them and could care less if you do, because I have some AWESOME people supporting my blog and constantly encouraging me. I honestly don't need your stupid comments on my blog. I am not obliged to do a disclaimer since I don't live in the US. I do it in every post featuring a product, so people would know if I got the item for free or not. For your own information, I am 100% honest in every review, whether I received items for free or not. Again, it's none of your business how I decide to do my posts. My followers like them. A

  6. and I could care less what you think hunny.. Read the freaking disclaimer in every post. And if you actually are familiar with my blog.. I am the probably the most person who does not give a hoot what a company thinks of me. I'd rather have my readers trust my opinion, rather than lose them. My blog is nothing without them. And in all honesty, I LOVE that you commented on my blog under an "anonymous" user because my genuine awesome readers don't ever do that. And they're who I write for not some jealous hater who thinks he can rudely comment on my blog. I could choose to delete your comment, but I love how you made a fool of yourself so I'm just going to leave it there for all to see :)

  7. and @xSweetEscapex, Jazz and Enigma - thanks for your lovely comments .. makes me realise how much I'm blessed to have some genuine true fans of my blog :D xxx love y'all xx

  8. I really love the cream shadows. I use the "dawn" shade as a base because it does not interfere with the colour of my powder shadows but it really helps my shadows to stay on longer. I find that these cream shadows make some of my more crease-prone eyeshadow stay on much longer and for some shadows this cream eyeshadow works better than UD primer or Too Faced primer.

  9. @Loevens I couldn't agree more.. I just wish there were some matte shades :D

    1. Yeah matte shades would be lovely.

    2. yeah and even like a nude shade.. as a universal primer *I dream big haha*

  10. No worries hun, I'm a big fan of yours I love reading every blog and watching every video. Haters are just jealous and bitter, simple as. Anyone who has a problem with the gorgeous Dyna can come through me first!! Xx

  11. haha that's so sweet babe .. :D :D xx

  12. To Dyna, please ignore anonymous as she doesn't seem to have any self-worth or love for herself that she has to TRY to put a lovely woman down who only helps other women by reviewing cosmetics by a wide variety of companies so that her fans don't waste money on buying rubbish products and only ever encourages you to be the best and the most beautiful a woman can be, Dyna encourages woman solidarity. Anonymous? Could you please say what you have you ever done on such a high level? Also, as a 38 year old woman, up until my wedding day last October I had not worn make up for over 10 years and i had to learn all the basics and then some, Dyna was a young lady who was there when needed and made me look amazing on my wedding day and every day since. I feel and look amazing each and every passing day thanks to Dyna and you have tried to bully her and make her look as though she was on the take from elf, do me a favour and go and look in the mirror and try to figure out when you became such a hater of positive women and a bully? Dyna.....ignore anonymous, she isn't worth your breath. Continue what you are doing and you are an amazing lady. wendy mooney xxxx

  13. OMG wendy you just made my day hunny :D :D :D wow you're so sweet :D :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Looks like mine is a lot for dry then yours are :/ I have dawn and it's so pretty, but yours look so much smoother :(

  15. Hi Dyna,
    Your blog and beauty reviews are done with a lot of care and helpful!!! It's wonderful to see a guy like you on this blog and YT who is as confident and secure enough to come out and be proud of his drag-queen persona... I love your reviews and want to thank you for the great ELF swatches. I am going to try the brand out and think your swatches are the most helpful to see the true colours more accurately before I buy. Sure wish I could see your stage show, and if you don't have one, I encourage you to try as I think you could win hands-down in the beauty category-make the other guys jealous! Lol... Keep up the great work. Enjoy your weekend, Cheers! Becca:)


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