ESSENCE Vampire's Love Collection - 2 AWESOME products!


I have been shopping Essence like crazy .. 
so aside from these two products.. I have bought a couple more products..
which I'll feature in a collective video or post or something like that. 

I'm doing this post now..
because these are limited edition items you HAVE TO pick up.

ESPECIALLY this one. 


This is basically white fibres in a tube. All you do is apply a light coat of mascara. Then dust this one.. using a mascara wand (provided) ..and then you just apply another light coat. 
I find this volumises like crazy.. and gives a spikey false lash effect which I find amazing..
Yes - this does make your lashes clumpy.. which gives it a spikey effect. If you hate clumpy lashes, this is not for you. Me, on the other hand, I love clumpy lashes :D
You do get some fall out when you're applying the fibres. All you need is a powder brush of fan brush to dust it away...


The second item is the shimmer powder. 
This is a really nice natural highlighter with a peachy undertone.. 
really pretty. 
It's more of a sparse shimmer (no - not glitter).. 
rather than a frosty highlighter. 
really smoothe texture
LOVE this too..

My point is to basically check these out..
I only used both of the items once..
but super worth it in my book.

That's it for this post guys,
thanks for reading and take care :D



FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. but it looks kinda clumpy though.. I mean, the fiber.
    ohh, I wanna check out the shimmer powder! hope essence here carry those!

  2. I don't have these products, but judging from your pucture, doesn't the first product make your lashes a bit clamped?

  3. Oh I love clumpy lashes.. makes them look spikey. I know some people hate clumpy lashes.. I LOVE them :D

  4. Think I might give the shimmer powder a go but I don't think I would want my lashes to clump up with the white fibres

  5. hehe I love that it clumps them up and makes them look all spikey :D

  6. I HATE clumpy lashes =/ Especially cos I don't have many to begin with. If they clump, I'll be left with like 5 tiny bunches of lashes which is so pathetic

  7. The shimmer powder is just gorgeous! You might be the first person I've seen who loves the clump effect :D But you're right, the effect it gives looks really COOOOL! :) xx

  8. Oh I'm so hoping this Vampire collection is still available in stores, I'm in love with that violet lip/cheek stain! I also need to check out this lash fibre thingie, I love clumpy lashes ;) hehe

  9. aha,so this is what is for this tube with a brush for eyelashes...i was wondering wtf?when i saw this thing in my store :)) ...thanks ;)

  10. Loved it! Visit mine too

  11. thats really cool :) i like it.. it's a shame you can get this thing in the UK :( xx

  12. I'd love to try this because I have tiny little lashes that need sooo much mascara, and then its a pain getting it all off. Where did you buy this product?

    Jazz x

  13. hehe me too. I got this from a local store here in Malta. Essence is unavailble online.. Mayve you can get it off ebay hun?x

  14. Cool i vll definitely try it out.Cool and decent colours which will be make you beautiful.I also like your pics you are so stylish ;).Thanks for sharing


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