A look so awesome,.. even youtube is jealous! (my new years eve look)

Hello guys :)

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Why the title?

Ok I don't actually think youtube is jealous. haha.
I am VERY frustrated right now ..
I have been trying to upload this eye tutorial on youtube for the past two days ..
and I'm failing miserably.
so I am just concluding that youtube is just jealous and loves to annoy me.
It's my favourite recorded youtube tutorial so far.. and here's how it looks on me:













and this is what I used:

ELF mineral infused face primer
NYX HD foundation in 04 sand beige and 07 warm sand
Essence soft touch mousse make up in 04 matt ivory
ELF mineral booster in yellow and tinted
NYX single eyeshadow in tropical – blush
NYX single eyeshadow in white pearl - highlight
ELF cool bronzer
Model in a bottle setting spray

ELF eyelid primer
NYX single eyeshadow in dark brown
MUA Academy palette in Heaven and Earth (3rd eyeshadow in the first low)* got this free as a gift
Vixoden Cosmetics eyeshadow in rubber ducky
Collection 2000 glitter eyeliner in funk
Essence mono eyeshadow in blockbuster
NYX single eyeshadow in highlight
ELF mineral eyeshadow in angelic
NYX slim eye / eyebrow pencil in white
Avon Liquid Liner pen
ELF studio cream liner in black
Essence liquid eyeliner in waterproof
Max Factor HD Masterpiece Mascara* - got this free on a giveaway
Ardell Demi 102s false lashes
Duo Adhesive in Dark Tone

ELF studio eyebrow kit in medium
ELF studio wet gloss lash and brow mascara

Coastal Scents 22 brush set
ELF mechanical eyelash curler

ELF studio lip liner in red
ELF lipstick in fearless
ELF studio complexion perfection

Stay tuned for the tutorials!! xxx
Thanks guys :D
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FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company.


  1. Lips? What about the lips? Is it the Elf lipstick in fearless that you've featured before? Thx in advance! xx

  2. OMG How could I forget the lips haha. Thanks babe it's edited.. yes it's fearless applied matte hun :))

  3. I love the title!!! And hun you look wonderful,where are you going? ;))

  4. aww Boky you're so sweet.. This was my New years eve look xD I had been constructing the look a while.. and I wanted to do it for new years eve :D I went to some clubs.. drank a lot of non alcoholic cocktails and danced the night away hehe. I also had a lot of cramps from period pains. But that's okay. I lived haha.

  5. I just voted for you, good luck! Amazing look, really pretty! Can't wait to watch the tutorial! :D

  6. Thank Natalie you're soo sweet hunny x

  7. That is a very beautiful Look! You look very pretty! I followed your blog :)

  8. thank you so much amelia :D :D you're so sweet :D xx


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