Max Factor HD masterpiece mascara in black [review w/ swatches] !!

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So, as you guys probably already know, 
I am veerrry picky with my mascaras. 

I'm a pain to please. 

I have not yet found my HG mascara. 
and I've been trying out quite a few mascaras ever since my mind flipped to Make Up Freak Mode. 

Ok.. so about the Max Factor HD masterpiece mascara in black


 Pretty sleek looking. 
Gold packaging, pretty cute.
Nothing to complain about here.


Has a thicker tapered tip..
Rubber bristles. 
I love rubber bristles. So nothing to complain about here.
The stopper is pretty good so you don't get excess product. YAY.
This wand is similar to ELF's mineral infused mascara


Not the blackest black or anything. 
I like my mascara ultra super duper black. 
This is more like a natural black. 




Gives natural lashes a coat with some volume
Holds curl quite well.
Does not clump.


With falsies, 
to blend natural lashes with falsies. 
It works really great at that since it does not clump at all.
I have been using it alone on my lashes, 
and it has some fibers to it but it doesn't really do much.

People with gorgeous lashes, and are looking for a natural black mascara. 


A decent mascara. Didn't impress me though. 
I have straight lashes which are not long at all. Not too much volume either. 
Will not "repurchase" [I got this for free as a gift so this should say - purchase haha.]
Overall Rating: 2/5
[as I said - very picky with my mascaras.]

FTC Disclaimer: I got this product for free with a giveaway parcel a while back. I am not being compensated for this review or anything like that.


  1. Had this mascara for a while myself. I like the fact that it defines the lashes very nicely and does not clump at all as you said! I find it does lenghten them slightly but nothing to exaggerated but it does add a little bit of volume too. I like it for a day use mascara. Like it told you, I prefer the False Lash Effect Fusion for a more pronounced effect on my lashes, or else the Maybelline Volume Express The Falsies in Black Drama... what a mouthful lol but it's actually quite a good mascara too ;)


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