Me and my skinny self.

Hello guys :D

Ok. I want to talk to you about an insecurity of mine today.
Everyone has their own insecurities. We all have them...
It's how we deal with them that makes it count.

I feel I'm a bit "too skinny" and honestly..
it's not something I was bothered with..
until people actually mentioned it or confronted to me about it.

I used to weigh like 50 kilos when I was 16.
I had nicely sized breasts, and nice butt.

Then, I started working.
I messed up my eating habits,
and lost my appetite
and I was barely eating.

I'm not anorexic.
I know I'm skinny.

People keep telling me to eat to gain weight and all that..
I do eat.

But people don't understand that I know I'm skinny.
I don't need to be told over and over again..
I am not at an unhealthy weight..

but yeah,... my arms are rather skinny.. and bony.

What can I do?

I live with it.
I'm not going to beat myself for it..
and say Oh I look gross and all that.

My point is...
whatever your insecurity is..
you have to embrace your whole self and just be YOU.

Screw what other people tell you -

We only live one life..
and if people keep turning you down,
maybe they don't deserve to be in your life.

do your thing..

and if people tell you anything that turns you down..
tell them to talk to Dyna's skinny hand.

I just feel I need to write posts like these..
because I write a lot of blog posts on beauty and all that.
But if you don't think you're beautiful ..
no make up will fix that for you.
Embrace your flaws.
You can't be perfect
Nobody is.

 just be YOU..

This is my ultimate favourite photo from my recent shoot -

it screams
"There's so much beyond what you see"

and yes - this photo is going to be my soon to be banner.

Love you guys :D
- Dyna


  1. I love these kind of posts, I think you look amazing in the pictures from your photo shoots and you don't look skinny in a sick way at all. You are a slender person and that's what your body was supposed to look like. I don't see bones sticking out, I don't se an unhealthy person. I see a beautyful healthy young woman.

    I myself have always been struggling to loose weight and people have no problem telling me that they think I'm fat, so I know how weight - no matter if it's too much or too little can make a person feel bad.

    you look stunning girl. I'm glad that you are able to embrace your own "flaws" and love yourself as you are.

  2. aww hunny that's sweet :) Yeah I think weight will always be an issue with many unfortunately. But as long as you do something about for you.. that's good :D and either way you just have to embrace your flaws.. because there's always going to be something you'd want to improve xx

    1. I should be happy that my wheight is my biggest issue, at least I can try and do something about it ( It's probably easier for me to loose weight than it is for some to gain weight) And I have been doing something about it, I started on 2.nd of january and has already lost 8 pounds :)

      I am just thankful that wheight is my biggest concern.

    2. aww hunny well done :D as long as it makes you feel better about yourself .. I'm so happy for you xx

  3. I really agree with Loevens on this one :)

  4. your gorgeous the way you are girl i have had to deal with the same issues as you hun and yes it has bothered me but you dont have to answer to anyone you know you eat and thats all that matters everyone else can mind their own business love ye :)

  5. You're gorgeous the way you are!! And my god that photo is AMAAAAAAZING!!!!! xx

    1. aww you're so sweet thank you so much hunny xxx :))

  6. Weight. Story of my life.
    Insecurities. I fight a whole life against them. Sometimes I win, others I lost.
    I feel terrible tonight. Sometimes we need pampering to feel better. You kinda did that and thank you.

    1. Oh hunny just know you're not alone.. I've been crying for hours, had a huge fight with my dad.. things are never what they seem hunny. And I just know what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.. stay strong hunny :) and just know, someday you'll look back and say .. I went through all that shit to make me the awesome person I am today. - There will always be new challenges, new experiences. But it will all be worthwhile. I promise xxx

  7. As long as you are happy no one else matters.
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  8. That is so true Dyna and I am so glad someone has spoken up about it!
    I have always had insecurities for example I hate my nose, I think its huge lol, BUT, I'd never have surgery or fix it to be "perfect" - because as you say, no-one is perfect.
    And how do you define perfection? No-one can, because perfect to one person is different to someone else's idea of perfect.

    You are stunning and as long as you are happy with yourself, that's all that matters.
    In your photos I see a strong, smart and happy woman who is confident in herself. And good for you, keep inspiring us Dyna!

    Laura xx :)

    1. amazing words hunny.. and thank you so much.. you inspire me so much :) xx

  9. Hello Dyna, I love this post. It's a great motivation. I'm not satisfied with my body, but I'm ok with it and I don't get depressed over it. By the way, you look amazing in that photo.

    1. OMG. I can't believe you commented on my blog :O I LOVE your blog and your reviews .. thank you so so much hunny :D I'm glad you liked this post and hopefully it inspires you to feel better about yourself - I think you look AMAZING - I would have never thought you were insecure about anything - turns out. when you "assume".. well, you know the rest xxx :D xx

  10. Dyna, you are gorgeous and so beautiful. Im really thankful to have you as a friend <3

    That picture of you is stunning, I cant wait to see your new banner :) *hugs*

    Xoxo, Christine♥

    1. Awww you're so sweet, so am I hunny :))) I just wish we can meet in person one day xx

  11. Oh sweetie I know what you mean. I've been called anorexic most of my life but the truth is I yo-yo between a UK size 6 and a UK size 10, I just carry it differently. I never gain weight around my wrists, neck, face or calves. It's just the way you're built, and nothing will change that. Love who you are and no-one can touch you. In my opinion you're absolutely gorgeous and as long as you're happy and healthy, that's all that matters. If you change because someone says you should, you'll never be happy with yourself. Thank you for this post.
    Ps. I'm a first time commenter but I adore your blog, you're my go to girl for honest, truthful reviews :)

    1. Oh sweetie, thank you so much for commenting. I know the feeling weight-wise .. and I think that when you're skinny - people think that you're so full of yourself and just love calling you bony.. making you feel 1000x worse.. and even when you're overweight, I think just because they see a confident person, they think that person does not have insecurities, and they aim to create them to turn that person down.

  12. Holy moly! That last picture is GORGEOUS!!! You are so beautiful. Thank you for this post, it was much needed today :]

    1. aww thanks hunny :) I'll make sure to do more posts like these :D :D xx

  13. Great post it made me feel better about my insecurities! Love your pic at the end!Stunning! Now following! xoxo

    1. Thanks Amy :)) I'm glad it made you feel better babe xx

  14. I fully understand what you're saying Dyna, very good post. Thanks for sharing such personal information.

    Honestly though... I still need to hear it to believe that anyone would say or suggest that you're unattractive!

    Keep doing what you're doing Dyna! Keep it up! :-)

    "Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming. This is a fault"

    1. you're most welcome hunny :D
      and thank you so so much :D
      Love that quote !! xx

  15. Had to scroll up to look at your pic again lols I never thought of you as 'too skinny' so this kinda surprised me. Whatever, you know? As long as people aren't too thin/fat until it affects their health, I don't really care.. People come in various shapes and colours but we're all still humans. While you're judging someone, remember that someone else is judging you.


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