I just feel like talking about a subject, 
which is rather sensitive I would say. 
I'm not going to talk about my personal life or anything like that. 
I am a very personal person when it comes to my personal stuff. 

But I know a lot of girls read my blog, 
a lot of teenagers and I feel I need to say my say.

I live in Malta. 
A country, where, even if Maltese girls don't know,
has a reputation of having some easy girls. 

We have a nightime place called Paceville where there are a lot of clubs. 
Almost everyone goes there. 
Some people don't, people who don't like clubs and all that. 
I know quite a few people who don't like the place actually, and that's okay.

Now to put things into perspective - 
My ideal night out is going out, meeting up with my uni friends
we have a drink [and no - we don't drink to get drunk]
I sometimes don't even drink, 
especially now that I am driving. 
But I have gone out and not had a single drink 
because I didn't feel like it. 
we go out, have a drink, go dancing.. have fun
and go home. 
That's my ideal night out. 
I'm a very simple girl

Now I am a highly opinionated person whose mouth you won't shut. 
I've been through some hard times,
I've cried myself to sleep way too many times. 
I still do, at times.
but I've lived through them all.

The subject I want to talk to you about is 
"Hooking Up".
And it's taking me some guts to write this, 
because this is a public blog.
But I feel it might help some girl out there. 

We live in a society brainwashed to have sex. 
Everything is sex-related. 
Celebrities who made sex tapes have become more famous. 
(Yes I'm talking about Kim K - I love her - but the sex tape did ample her fame)
People who sleep around like Snooki earn more than lawyers and have trademarked stuff. 
Celebrities who have cheated on their husbands or wives are "playboys" or "sex symbols". 
Yes. we are kind of brainwashed by society. 
The atmosphere in clubs, is meant to be "sexual"
because sex sells. 
A LOT of people go out to a club to hook up.

It doesn't mean that everyone who goes to clubs goes there to hook up. 
In all honesty, I'm just appalled at how girls wear belts as if they were skirts, 
wear a boob tube to show their belly button piercing during the cold winter days. 
And jackets don't exist. 

Yes, so I meet guys in clubs, right? 
Now in movies they picture everything like
"Do you want a drink?" and they start chatting. 

I don't know what other people encounter. 
For me - it's like this - 
A guy comes up to you when dancing .. 
makes sure he "cozies up" to you
(which in my opinion, is very gross)
Now I'm a very straightforward person. 
I just say it as it is.. 
and I tell them I don't hook up. 

And this is the fun part.
They walk away. 

Now girls, if a guy really likes you ..
he wouldn't walk away. 
You don't want a guy to see you as 
a good time. 

I am not judging other people who hook up.
This post is to all those girls who feel pressured to have sex. 

It's not OK for a guy to make you feel like you're not normal if you're not having sex with him. 
It's not OK for your friends to make you feel like you should be having sex. 
You have sex when you want to. 
Girl, it's your body. 
Embrace it. 
You have a choice. 
And if a guy is forcing yourself on you, that's abuse. 

Always remember, 
you're a human being. 
A person. 
A beautiful person. 
If you hook up with a guy and you barely know him and he barely knows you, 
he doesn't like you for you. 
he is just attracted to you. 
 And if a guy fails to see what a beautiful person you are, 
and actually get to know you. 
It's HIS loss. 
You wouldn't want a jerk to take advantage of you.

There are a lot of guys out there who will try to take advantage of you.
Trust me. 
I'm a jerk-magnet. 
I know.

But you just have to remember it's OK,
you're not alone. 
I'm Dyna and I don't hook up.
I'm very proud about that.
and Kelly Clarkson is proud to say it too.

Now that I made my point. 
I just wanted to tell you to always be "YOU"
and you're beautiful, 
no matter how a jerk makes you feel. 
I know that, because deep down, 
you know it too. 




  1. I stand up and applaud you! one hell of a post prosit for posting!

  2. Very well said! I agree with you 100% :)

  3. I live in the states and its the same here. If a guy buys u a drink he thinks u owe him sex. I also have a few female friends who just go out to hook up and it gets annoying because i like to sleep after a night out and drinking but 9 outta 10 times i aint getting no sleep because of friends hooking up in the next bed and im trying to cover my ears and hiding under the blanket. thats one of the main reasons i havent gone out with my friends since last July..

  4. Well you should be very proud of yourself hunny :D Don't ever be scared to be different. It doesn't mean you're not normal, it just shows you're special. And if your friend respects you that much to have sex with her buddy in the next bed, well, shame on her. xxx

  5. very meaningful post dyna, well done for sharing this, I agree with what you say,girls remember that the only person that you most need to impress the most is yourself

  6. Thanks for sharing, agree with you a 100%

  7. Totally agree with you!!! I used to go out to Paceville every weekend with my friends but I do not know what's wrong with young people these days! Besides ruining their reputation, (because let's face it, who wants a girl/boy who has been hooking up with everyone they meet at the end of the day?)they are not aware of the risks they are going through. Way to go Dyna!

  8. thumbs up for this blog post !! :D

  9. Proset Dyn! :) This is great xxxx

  10. Takes a lot of courage to post something like this here in Malta especially with all the expectations and BS there is. Well done! Awesome post! Totally agree with you btw.. I am one of those people who can count the no. of times she went to PV on her fingers ;)

    1. Oh thanks hun :) The thing is, I go there all the time. I know not everyone's like that. But it just appals me that so many people are like that and expect you to be like that or talk down to you when they realise you're not like that. Oh well.. :)

  11. Thanks for this post, it's good to see girls defending themelves!

    And on to another topic: Can you do a post on your favourite heels/Shoes? Or even better, a video about it? :D Pretty please with a cherry on top, hihi

  12. Hehe sure hun I'll do that :D xx


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