First of all I'm going to upload the eye tutorial on this look today:
so I'm very excited about that... :D

And then I'm super excited about the competition I have entered a couple of days ago because--

Voting on the Beauty Editors Competition has started!!

I would love to see how many of my followers have my back :D
I haven't entered any competitions so this is my first and I'm super excited about it :D

 If you liked my video right here: 

or just like my posts overall.. I would LOVE it if you vote for me HERE.
You don't have to sign up or anything. 
Just log in with your facebook account.. 
and it won't even get visible on your wall or anything. 
I would REALLY appreciate it if you vote for me guys xxxx




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  2. Apologies for reposting: fixing some spelling mistakes:

    Dyna is currently 4th on the total votes received! With FAR less views then the others competing!

    If a few more followers vote, she really has a chance of winning!

    Some motivation:
    - Remember how many times you were saved by her advise before going on for a special occasion?

    - Maybe all the tips she gave you which you learnt from and used on your own blog?

    - How many times she referred your own blog on her posts and her faccebook page? (I found a few blogs through her contribution)

    - Money she made you save, by guiding you on which products to be buy or avoid, after she spent her own money to buy and review products?

    Thinking about it, this vote sounds more worthwhile doesn't it? :)

  3. awww. you're just too sweet :D

  4. Dyna is currently the top voted vlogger on the Beauty Editor's Shoes Competition!

    You can vote once daily. LET'S KEEP PRESSING THAT VOTE BUTTON to thank her for all her hard work and to motivate her further!


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