When life gives you lemons.. you make an awesome lemonade!!

After the amazing response I had yesterday with my "Me and My skinny self" post
I realised I should be more open in my posts..

Whatever you do..
Don't ever let anyone tell you what you can or can't do. 
Don't let them impose their negative thoughts on you. 
If you want something and believe it's something that's going to make you happy. 
Don't just sit there and dream about it. 
Do something. 

A lot of people who follow my blog don't know I love to sing.
I used to do go to singing lessons.. but honestly..
I don't think that expanded my horizons. 
So I stopped. 

I still sing.. 
but not that I "train" or do the technical stuff..
I only do the fun parts haha ..
I love belting everything out. 

My lovely friend once told me..
if I felt bad.. 
I should try writing my emotions down.

And I was going through a really tough time 
and I wrote my emotions and whatever I wanted to say down. 
Turns out.. 
they could work as amazing lyrics.

Now I once handed a set of lyrics to a composer
and he meant to write the musci for my lyrics. 

That was two years ago. He never contacted me back. 
And honestly, it really put me off.

Until recently, 
I found out my friend has a band, 
and he plays the piano. 

I'm currently going through a really tough time.. 
with a lot of things going on. 
And I feel depressed. 

Now when I feel depressed, 
I write some lyrics, 
and they turn out really nice.
And it actually feels good 
because I allow myself to be vulnerable in my lyrics..

So I'm teaming up with my friend now to "hopefully" write a song 
out of all the drama that's happening at the moment. 

Because when life gives you lemons, you make one awesome lemonade! 

And that actually makes me feel really looking forward to it. 
I LOVE getting creative 
and I love singing and all that.. 
so I feel I'm reviving an old dream I had. 
And I'm finally doing something about it.

Now.. not everyone supports my singing.. 
some people (relatives)
have told me they find my voice annoying 
and they don't really support my singing. 

This is my in the recording studio when recording my last cover version 2 years ago

But - I LOVE doing it. 
and it just feels right. 

Here is a 2 year old recording of a Mariah Carey song I sung a while ago.. 

So don't let anyone tell you what you can or can't do. 
If they do that...
tell them 
"Watch Me".

Lots of love and wishing you an awesome day..


  1. Reading this really helped me honestly... so much in common...

    For some reason when it comes to music, it seems that friends and family are the least supportive or encourage you. Out of all the arts here in Malta. Not only the lack of encouragement. But the total almost "snobbish" approach and dismissal towards your music they take, makes you feel like you're the stupidest person alive..

    You can see the big difference when a new, foreign amateur artist emerges on youtube the few dozens of initial followers he has before even posting a single track... all friends and family no doubt... even if they dont like his music, they stick together to give him that extra boost.

    Look at maltese music channels... totally different story. 2 or 3 supporters at most... with a facebook friends list of over 300... doesn't make sense.

    Mind you... I'm not saying that someone must gain credit or exposure they do or do not deserve... I'm saying that when it comes to music on this island... for some mysterious reason... the artist is instantly put down by most ppl surrounding him/her... even if they themselves are fans of the genre...

    What I just wrote is mainly the reason why I formed this group and blog... almost out of anger... so if there is SOMEONE - ANYONE who wants to indulge his/her talent... whether they're good or not... there is someone... one person who supports you, one person that listens. Even if it's someone you don't know! Just because no passion should even be destroyed.

    I'm REALLY, HONESTLY happy about what you wrote Dyna

    "But - I LOVE doing it.
    and it just feels right."

    And wanted to let you know that I passed through the same exact thing ... difference is that I don't sing (thank god)

    And I've also heard your first song videos (3 if not mistaken) when I first found your blog, and you did show talent in my humble opinion that is!

    Keep it up xbin! Best of luck! If you need an extra push here and there, let us know.

    ( PS: I apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes, however I really have to type this fast since I'm at work :P )

    1. Oh god I totally agree. We live in a country, where to go beyond the norm and to actually do something that nobody dreams of doing, is WRONG and CRAZY and Maltese people in general would rather stupidly argue politics as if it's some football game.. than to support local talent. I feel the "talent" that is exposed is mostly because they know a certain somebody, not because they deserve to get some exposure. So I totally relate on that. Even my freaking "beauty blog" is a shallow blog to some ignorant Maltese people. If you wear make up, you're fake. If you sing, you're a Mariah-wannabe. Art is not appreciated in this country, unfortunately. So screw whatever they say, I'll do my own thing. And if I make it or not is irrelevant, at least I can say I had the guts to try. :D xx

    2. Truly sad :s

      I blame jealousy though... cause you had the balls to just do it in front of the whole world. Since you will find your 'horrible' MP3s on their laptops :P

      And also, a number of them SUDDENLY start trying to follow your footsteps

      (true story - BDW)

      This country and it's countrymen/women have no balls... they always wait for someone to take the first step for them.

      Keep it up!

    3. So True - in fact I just saw the video I have in this post.. I have 5 dislikes - 5 likes. 3 of the dislikes are from Malta. haha.

    4. The other 2 are probably biased Mariah Carry Fans :P

      Nah, nah, just kidding!

    5. BTW! - thanks, I just learned that I can see where my likes and dislikes come from >:]

    6. haha you're welcome.. actually.. I removed the like / dislike button.. whoever wants to comment that my video is bad.. they can freely do so and I'll give them a piece of my mind haha xD

  2. I love singing, it really does help me deal with my emotions and I feel really good after singing my hear out, unfortunately I*m a horrible singer so I only sing when I*m 100% sure nobody is listening LOL.

    1. haha you're probably better than you think hunny :D It's so comforting though :D

  3. Love! I wish you success with the band, I hope it all works out for the best:)




    1. aww thanks hunny .. I'm actually not "in" the band hehe.. there's already a singer in the band. I'm collaborating with my friend and maybe some of the others in the band :D x

  4. Fab, Great singing voice always enjoy what you do, its the little things that make people the happiest! You goo girl! Good luck!

    Jazz xo

    http://jazzreallyloves.blogspot.com x

    1. aww thanks :D :D yeah I love the simple things in life :D x

  5. A lot of people who are professionally lyric writers have said the same thing. When you are going through a tough time emotionally you write much better than when the times are going great. Good on you for doing something to make you smile! x

    1. awww that's so sweet. Actually .. I find that so true.. when you've been crying for ages you get a headache and feel all floating.. it's actually when you get most poetic and all creative.. and when I reread them.. I'm actually surprised I wrote them haha.

  6. wow great,awesome sharing.I really love each n every single line.I love this more because of some reasong. U rock xoxo >> share more please :))


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