YES- I like clumpy spikey lashes !


I feel the urge to do this post.. 

In yesterday's post, I was raving about Essence's volumising lash powder. 
I raved about it on my fan page's status.. 
and I actually said - if you don't like clumpy lashes - don't try this. 

Now. I got a couple of comments telling me.. 
"oh the lashes look clumpy."
I failed to include that it does clump up the lashes in the post 
since I assumed people had the photo and it would tell them that. 
I personally LOVE clumpy lashes. 
My lashes are close to invisible with even a regular mascara.. 
so clumpy lashes give me a spikey effect making my lashes actually visible.

Clumpy lashes, I find, gives me a spikey false lash look which is almost doll-like, ultra girly,
and almost Vintagey .. somewhat like Twiggy would wear
image courtesy of

So here is the photo to show you how my lashes look like with 
this Essence volumising lash powder.. 

and here are photos with my lashes wearing like 3-4 layers of mascara:

So my point is. 
I get that a lot of people want natural looking lashes. 
Me - I EMBRACE the fake lash look. 
I EMBRACE it. haha. 

So yes, 
I prefer my lashes to look like in the first two photos..
than the rest. 

If you want to check out the product that makes your lashes look all spikey .. 

I'd love to know though .. are there other people out there who love the fake lash skikey clumpy lash look? 
Or am I on my own haha? 

Let me know below xD


 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. Dyna, first of all thanks for sharing this post :) and secondly I wanted to tell you that I tried and tested this essence mascara: which gives me the clumpy lashes that I also love, I think that you might like it, I tried the waterproof one.

  2. hey...
    I quite like clumpy lashes too, but not all the time. I also have the lash volumising powder from essence and you can use it without the clumpy effect ( for those who aren't fans of the look) when I want my lashes to look only a bit fuller I add a small amount of product after a thin layer of mascara, the cover it up with another layer.... and you have nice fuller looking lashes with no fake lash effect.... It is a very usefull product in my opinion! :D

  3. Oh cool Daniela I'll definitely try it out :D I love me a cheap good mascara haha xD

    @Debora - yes I definitely agree - but with me - I have to overdo it hehe x

  4. I think the color is really nice :) & great for everyday.You can use it on regular basis i like your blog.I want to get it ;)

  5. Haha! Girl, you can really pull off that mascara. How can you pull off the different styles? Please tell me your secret! You prefer your first two photos, I prefer all of it! You are gifted - with long lashes and a talent for style. I am a little jealous right now. Haha. Good job my friend!

    Lance Ellery


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