5 things MEN HATE ABOUT MAKEUP... and why..

I have a super fun post today I am loving writing.. 
A lot of my friends know I love make up, 
and some of my male friends have multiple times complimented me about something
or they have mentioned that they didn't like something I put on.
So this is basically my perception of what guys hate about makeup. 
I also have another post planned about what guys love about makeup. 
But that's another story ;)

Yes. As sexy as you might think you look in red lips, most men hate red lips. Why? Because ll they keep thinking is that "If she kisses me she's going to smear that stuff all over my face.

#2. Lipstick
 This is a problem relating to question 1. They think that Lipstick = Red lipstick. They find lipstick too fake looking. There is no such thing as natural lipstick according to men. This also relates to the "if she kisses me she'll smear that thing all over me"

#3. Lip liners
Lip liners? NO. Men think unblended dark brown lipliner and nude lipstick/ gloss. This is like to call the drag look. A man wouldn't want you to look like a drag.

 #4. Foundation
In the name of makeup - NO foundation will smear all over your favourite shirt.. unless applied badly. They also think that if your face gets sweaty the whole things is going to melt off.

#5.  The word Make up

When they think about makeup they think about the "cakey face", foundation smearing on their favourite shirts. They think that once the girl gets slightly sweaty.. it melts off. Also, men hate make up in general because they think "clown" (some blue eighties eyeshadow and bright pink frost lipstick). They think make up looks fake. They say they want to see natural beauty.  What they dont say.. is that they are scared of what's hiding underneath.

So that's what my perception about what men hate about make up..
what are your thoughts?
Let me know below 
I would love to read what you guys have to say :D



  1. Lol most of these are true... maybe they are scared of make-up because it is something they will never understand!

  2. If my man has a problem with my love for red lips, he needs to find another girlfriend. My red lips are here to stay hahah

  3. All of this didn't come to them for no reason. They have probably experienced all this with some girls, but when they see a girl with flawless make up, they don't even realise she's got it on. My man doesn't mind my make up, the only thing, that I think would apply to many men, he wouldn't kiss me if I have a lipstick on lol

  4. They only notice these things if its put on badly. My boyfriend dosent mind my make up because I put it on well, he does comment on people who have bad orange, patchy foundation, he also hates dark smokey eyes....he says they look dirty! He dosent kiss me if i have lipstick on, but likes lipgloss and lip balms as long as they taste nice!


  5. True..I do get very offended when my brother calls me mars bar face or some name like that ha he does not like it at all.But then when I was at school there was this girl wearing makeup and shes friends with this boy and he asked was she wearing makeup and another day she hadn't any on and he asked the same..sometimes I don't even think fells realize if you even have makeup on or not!!
    Great post anyway,love your Blog :)


  6. Hahahahahahahah how clueless and cute!!! My brother hates my make up. Hes all like its not like it makes a difference. And then he says im hideous =P Im like boy, u do know we look alike righT!!!!

    Nice post!


  7. Yeah, they all want natural beauty but when you take off your makeup, 'gosh, you look tired/haggard/full of scars/etc'. Their picture of 'natural beauty' is referring to Photoshopped photos of celebrities wearing tonnes of HD makeup paired with an awesome camera.

    1. hahahha couldn't have said it better myself!!!

  8. These are also some reasons why some girl dont want to wear make up lmao.

  9. I totally agree. My bf is scared when he sees me applying mascara or curling my lashes, he thinks I'm gonna poke my eye! lol! I also believe men hate lipgloss more than lipstick, they think they'll end up with sticky glittery lips if they kiss us! lol!


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