5 things MEN LIKE ABOUT MAKEUP .. and why..


So I have recently written my post about 5 things MEN HATE ABOUT MAKEUP and why..
which you  can check out HERE
and I decided to tell you what I think they do like about makeup.
A lot of my friends know I love make up, 
and some of my male friends have multiple times complimented me about something
or they have mentioned that they didn't like something I put on.
So this is basically my perception of what guys love about makeup. 

Ok  most of the time they don't even know they like it 
- but they are unaware of what the products are that are making it happen.

1. Concealer
They don't like dark circles AT ALL. 
Whenever I leave the house with no concealer, I get a lot of comments on how I look tired, 
exhausted worn out etc. 
Whenever I leave the house with concealer on - 
I never have that issue. 
Unless I'm snoozing in a lecture haha.

2. Mascara
They like long lashes, 
they like natural looking lashes with mascara.
They love how it opens up the eyes and makes a girl look awake and fresh.

3. Bronzer
When I leave the house with no bronzer on, 
guys keeps telling me I look pale. 
So to me, that translates that guys actually like a tanned looking girl. 
I'm not talking oompa loompa tan ladies..
Don't be like Snooki ..
just keep it natural looking and you will look healthier. 

4. Eyebrow products
They like how the eyebrows look so girly and perfect and defined, 
So any eyebrow maintenance will definitely score points with guys. 
 Having said that, eyebrows should be there, not barely there. 
I hate how some people pluck their eyebrows like there's no tomorrow and end up with a thin line. 

5. Liner
They don't like heavy liner, normally, but they do like to see defined eyes 
and especially tightlining your eyes -
that scores points 
because it lifts the eye without even knowing it's there.

I hope you liked this post..
Let me know below what your thoughts are about the subject.
I think you should wear what you feel comfortable in, 
not what other people think you should be wearing.
So this post is not trying to impose what you should wear and shouldn't. 
 You should be who you are.. 
and just wear what you like.
You can't please, everybody -
trust me. I know.

So that's what my perception about what men love about make up..
what are your thoughts?
Let me know below 
I would love to read what you guys have to say :D



  1. gosh !

    i'm so glad i do all of this :)

  2. I agree! And may I add blush? Rose, healthy-looking cheeks are always a must have

    1. I skipped blush because of the bronzer .. but yeah blush I think is definitely a hit too :D

  3. sorry but i really disagree with the bronzer (to be honest i found it a lil bit offensive - just my opinion, don't lynch me! lol!) i'm pale & have never ever had any problems with not being tanned, personally i prefer it to being tanned, each to their own eh! :) i agree with the mascara, it makes such a difference even if you have nothing else on, eyes are the windows of the soul & the lashes are the curtains, lol! oooh & the blush as Natalie says a healthy flush is a must. at the end of the day you gotta be happy in your own skin :) xxx

    1. aww. I didn't mean to be offensive. You have to keep in mind, it's my perspective on Mediterranean ladies - we have a lot of sun here.. so tans are a big hit. But in other places and even on different skintones bronzer doesn't look all that good .. the post is meant to be fun.. It's just my perspective on things and my opinion, in fact it's very interesting for me to read other people's perspectives because I wouldn't have thought of it in that manner. :D I think there are features which highlight the beauty of each individual most so a lot of people might disagree - but that's what makes makeup fun because there's a little bit for everyone's taste :D

    2. Hey don't worry about it :) i can see that that lovely warmer skinned ladies like yourself suit the golden/bronzed look whereas, for instance (& my personal opinion!), it can look rather 'fake' on cooler pale skin tones where maybe focusing on a light glowy flush of blush or whatever might suit better, like you said make up should be fun & until you try things you don't know what you like & what suits you. i have the elf lipstick in captivating - the orangey one?, & i love love love the colour but at the moment at least it doesn't really work with my colouring maybe in the summer it might so will have to wait & see! lol! but looked lovely on you in the post you did about the lippies :)

    3. yeah Ii love that lipstick, I can see why orange wouldn't work on everyone though .. but like you said, you can try it again in summer :D Also, you can try mixing it with another lipstick e.g. pink to try and make it work :D That's the fun thing about make up though, we are all different and it helps us accentuate the most beautiful features. Hehe - and man I love my bronzer... people actually think I'm tanned in winter haha :D But yeah - other complexions might want to avoid it and use blush only because it looks great on them :D

    4. Oooh i hadn't really thought of mixing it with a different colour, i'm intrigued haha! will have to give it a go! its just such any unusual colour especially when you think its just £1.50! cus if it have been, say, barry M at £5ish a go i probably wouldn't have tried it as i figured it would be my perfect shade, but thats the great thing about elf, the cheaper prices mean you can go a bit wild & try things that you wouldn't normaly! yay elf haha!

  4. Guys (and me!!) prefer me pale, but I can see some girls need some color! The rest are totally spot on though, love this article:)




    1. oh yeah hunny I can see what you're saying, when I think of it that way.. some people do look great because they're pale.. But me I'm one of those that needs bronzer to look healthier haha. I swear the other day a guy was like "are you sick" gosh you look so pale. LOL.

  5. The bronzer thing depends on your country of origin.. In Asia, many girls are obsessed with fair skin and guys like fair girls too. But I agree with the mascara & liner.

    1. yeah I agree hunny.. I think different countries have different "tastes" hehe. Here we get a lot of sun so it's kind of "expected" in a girl to have tanned looking skin :)


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