8 Things stupid people say about MAKEUP.

I have a heart to heart post  today relating to make up as well.
I get quite a few questions from people in my day to day life 
on why I apply make up every single day.. 
why I like to wear it and all that.
So I've summarised a couple of misconceptions that I have heard here and there.

#1 Girls shouldn't wear makeup on a daily basis.
First of all - a girl  should have at least two makeup routines. 
One for daytime. 
and one for going out / that special occasion. 
If a girl wears the same make up everyday and always, 
well that's somewhat boring, I think. 
You have to find different looks that will give you that standing out look, 
and find a look that works for you during daytime. 

#2 If you wear make up everyday, you're ugly.
In all honesty, NO make up will make you look like a whole other person. 
It can enhance what you got,
slightly alter it, and hide your flaws.

#3 You shouldn't wear make up everyday, because you need to give your skin a break. 
OK. every now and then your skin DOES need a break. 
But that doesn't mean that you should stop wearing makeup. 
You should tone down - 
skip the foundation (I don't even wear foundation for daytime)
and minimise the products you use. 
It is very important that you thoroughly cleanse your face every single day, 
My problem with this statement is that most people say this ..
meaning that you should only wear make up on weekends or special occasions.

#4 You're going to get so much wrinkles from all the make up that you wear. 
Haha. This is the funniest statement EVER.
Who the hell said make up AGES you?
It might make you look older, it might dry out your skin, or break out your skin.
But make up in general will NOT age you.
It is a mere product you use over your face.
The way I see it, makeup provides a layer over your face and almost protects it from all the fumes that
our skin encounters in the air.
Most make up is infused with vitamins, minerals, moisturising abilities these days,
it will not make you look older, if anything it has skin-enriched ingredients.
And A LOT of people say it.
So there are a lot of stupid people out there.

#5 Girls shouldn't wear makeup when they have errands to do.
 It is NONE of your business what a girl puts on her face before she goes out, 
whether it's errands or not.
I like playing around with my make up, 
 Nobody breaks through my routine.
Because  to me, makeup is a routine, 
I put it on first thing in the morning. 
It relaxes me,
and boosts my confidence.
which brings me to the next stupid statement.

#6 Girls who wear make up have self esteem issues
 First of all, 
EVERY single girl has insecurities. 
Even guys have them.
If you don't, 
you're not human. 
It's your reaction to them that counts.
I have no problem in saying I have really bad under eye circles and all that. 
I love how my concealer can cover them up. 
so if there's a quick fix to hide my under eye circles, 
why shouldn't I do it?
Wearing make up boost your self confidence because you are taking care of yourself.
It enhances your self-worth. 
That's the way I see it. 
It is perfectly normal to want to feel beautiful when you look in the mirror. 
and if make up helps you do that, 
because you're hiding things you're insecure about 
it doesn't mean you have really low self esteem. 
It means you have the guts to find a solution for your insecurities. 

#7 Girls who wear makeup are snobs.
Oh man. This is my favourite one. 
A lot of people think I'm a snob. 
I can see it in the way they look at me..
and I even had people tell me they used to think I'm a snob before I talked to them. 
Don't judge a book by it's cover.
Makeup does not affect personality, 
or the actual person AT ALL. 
Stupid stupid remark.

#8 Girls should only wear makeup in the weekends or when going out.
No really, .. why?
Do you only wear clothes in weekends? 
Probably you wear different clothes in weekends. 
The same should be with girls and makeup. 
In weekends or special occasions, 
they can change their makeup look 
and look more VA-VA-VOOM. 
But that doesn't mean they should skip their makeup everyday. 
It's rather stupid to say that. 

What crosses my mind when I see girls who put no make up whatsoever 
on a daily basis 
EVEN when they go out 
AND EVEN when they have a special occasion
(based on my personal experiences)
1. They either don't know know to but are willing to learn
2. Or They couldn't be bothered to learn
3. Or They are feeling depressed
4. Or They overslept and had no time
5. Or They might have low self esteem issues

SIDE NOTE: I understand some people argue that they have the confidence to wear no makeup at all - if you feel that you can work it good on you -
but I've seen girls who NEVER ever wear makeup even on special occasions,
and I think even just a little bit of makeup could pull off the look.
Just like - you wouldn't need to go and get your hair done but a sleek polished hair-do still pulls a look off. 
A little makeup can make you look polished and smart, too.

A message to all people who have said these stupid remarks before. 
Make up is empowering to women, 
it's about self expression, 
a reflection of their personality, 
just like wearing a certain type of clothing reflects your personality. 
STOP judging a book by its cover. 
and if anything..
if a person is not splashing your face with makeup, 

So be who you are people, don't try to please everybody,
because you will never manage.

"I don't know the road for success, but I know the road to failure is trying to please everybody"


Till the next post,


  1. I totally agree with all of those statments! I'm the same I usually play around with my make-up for a hour once I've gotten up and that my routine. I love doing my make-up its relaxing and a part of me! I'd feel naked without it! x

    jazzreallyloves.blogspot.com x

  2. This is a great post!!! I have heard some of those misconceptions to and all I can do is laugh. When people think of make up per se they generally just think about foundation, but makeup consits of more than that...even if I don't do full out eyeshawdow on my eyes I will def. do my mascara and now Im in to liner so I will throw that on and fix my eyebrows and top everything off w/ a nice lip gloss..

    There will always be those people that have something to say!

  3. Great post Dyna! I like to apply make-up as it relaxes me and it gives me an opportunity to try out new trends and see what works and what doesn't... just like fashion! I don't wear full make-up everyday but when you're going out, you'll meet people and you have to look presentable! My maternal grandmother even wore make-up and different clothes each time she took her children to school!! she's an inspiration to me :)

    1. aww your grandma rocks! My family is not makeup oriented hehe.. I get quite a few comments about putting makeup on.. but they get used to it by time. It's my way of expressing myself. Plus it's like someone who doesn't fix their hair in the morning, it does reflect badly on the perception of a girl if she never puts makeup on.. and I hate how people perceive it to be something bad.

  4. I agree mostly with this post but really not the bit about girls who don't wear makeup. Them statements are pretty extravagant. I know quite a few people who NEVER wear makeup. And they don't, cos they don't want too. They are confident enough without it, whereas I wouldn't be confident without it.

    1. I am not sure if it is clear - in that part about girls who don't wear make up, I didn't mean all of the statements are applicable to all girls who don't wear make up. I meant, they either don't know know to but are willing to learn, or They couldn't be bothered to learn, or they are feeling depressed, or they overslept and had no time , or have low self esteem issues. And I truly believe anyone who doesn't wear makeup truly applies to one of the reasons. And when depressed, or have low self esteem, it is very common for women to refrain from putting makeup. Hope that's clear hun. :) xx

  5. You're going to get so much wrinkles from all the make up that you wear + smile all the time = old women hahahahahahahahahaa :D

  6. This the best post EVER! I wanted to say this out loud to SO many people out there. Glad you did it!

    I have been wearing makeup every single day since the last three years. People used to tell me that it will ruin my skin. Guess what? It has made it better. I am more careful about my skin care and more organized.

    Love you for posting this :) xx

    1. awwww thanks sara xx
      coming from you it means a lot to me..
      and I'm the same.. my skin has never looked better :D

  7. It is great post I totally agree with you...makeup boosts up my confidence it is not ruining my skin

  8. omg, such a great post! You are great madam! I am so sharing this!!!

  9. Yup.. If I don't comment on you NOT wearing makeup, I don't think you should comment on me wearing makeup =/ Nth wrong with wanting to look better! ^_^

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  11. You're saying not to judge a book by its cover and yet you've done just that by making blanket statements about women who don't wear makeup. Hypocrisy at it's best.

    1. You can freely not read my blog if you think I'm a hypoctrite. I am saying what crosses my mind when I see a girl who is not wearing make up, based upon my previous experiences and people I have met. I am not saying every girl is like that. I said what crosses my mind when I see someone with no makeup whatsoever I put that in the post to counteract the remarks that people say about people wearing make up. You might not like it but that's my opinion, my post. Feel free not to like it, but I'm not the one who's name-calling another person a hypocrite.

    2. By stating my opinion, I am not labelling people. I am not judging a book by its cover, I am merely stating my first impressions. You don't even know me, I don't know you, but try to have a more positive approach, because you don't know what that person behind the screen is going through. plus- this post is meant to make girls feel like it's okay to be who they are, and wear and not wear whatever they feel like. It's my perspective of things. Don't like it? Your problem.

  12. Another possibility of girls who don't wear makeup: they prefer to have a bare face for whatever reason. Some people don't like how makeup looks. Most of the time I don't wear makeup because I'm too lazy. I keep my makeup for the weekends when I really have time to play with it. It's also easier to get ready for bed at night when there is less stuff on your face to remove.

    My boyfriend generally prefers my naked face. If I wear lipstick, that basically means that my man can't kiss my lips. I'm not saying that I'm letting anyone prevent me from doing something that I want, just that I'm ok with saving my makeup for when I'm with my girlfriends instead.

    Just as it's totally fine to have a typical routine for makeup and always be put together before you do anything, it's also fine to go about your daily life with no makeup whatsoever if that's what you prefer.

    I do want to say that I really appreciate how you've remained respectful and even toned with your replies to people who disagree with you. This is all too rare on the internet, so I applaud you for remaining steadfast in your opinions without resorting to insults.

    1. Oh I never saw it in that perspective, glad you commented hun. I like reading other people's opinions, even if they are different to mine. I mean we all have brains, I'm not pretending to be the only one. It's just my perspective on things. I love this part "Just as it's totally fine to have a typical routine for makeup and always be put together before you do anything, it's also fine to go about your daily life with no makeup whatsoever if that's what you prefer." ..

      In all honesty I can see what you mean hun, I didn't mean to impose that my routine should be your routine, (as I'm sure you know),we all have different routines. And I don't feel people should be judged on what they put on and don't put on their face. This post was in fact, a reaction, to people who constantly nag about girls wearing make up. My point is basically to stop the stigma on people who wear make up. I am certainly not judging people who don't want to wear it. It's your face, and it's okay to leave it natural as well, because everyone should put on make up or not put it on as they please. :)

      and thank you for your kind words.. :) If only everyone was like you sweety xx

  13. i LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!!! Seriously!!! This is why i love your blog <3


  14. Great post!! I basically use foundation, concealer etc to cover imperfections but what I really love about make up is the artistic side of it, playing with colours! Make up is so much fun and if stupid people can't get it, it's their problem!

  15. Oh how true! Makeup won't age your skin. :D

  16. Awesome post! I totally agree with everything here. Some people just don't keep an open mind. Some people even think that girls who wear make-up are dumb without actually knowing them.

  17. If a girl wants to wear makeup and knows how to use it to enhance her natural beauty, then more power to her.

    As for me, I am happy that I don't wear makeup. I like the way my face looks naturally, and so does my husband. I like not feeling like I need makeup. I like how fresh and clean my face feels without any products on it, and the fact that I can touch my face without worrying about smudging makeup. I love that there is no hassle, and I can just "get up and go" in the morning (or, get up early and do something like read and sip coffee instead of applying makeup). I like not spending money on makeup and not feeling the least bit tempted to buy makeup I can't afford.

    I think that most women who look beautiful with makeup look just as beautiful without makeup. I don't judge girls for wearing makeup, and I certainly don't think that any of the things you listed are true about all women who wear makeup, but, I do wish that the girls I know who feel like they NEED makeup in order to be beautiful or look "normal" could feel that they are just as beautiful without their makeup.

    1. Good for you dear - it's good to embrace your natural beauty as well - when I wrote this post it was rather a reaction to stupid remarks from people. I personally don't like to go out without any makeup, but I love toning it down to as natural as I feel comfortable wearing. Everyone should be comfortable to splash on makeup or wear no makeup at all. I feel lucky as a woman to be able to apply makeup on my face, it's a form of self expression just like wearing clothes.. but girls who wear makeup often get judged for putting on makeup - for multiple reasons, and this is a post defending all girls who feel comfortable putting on makeup against those stupid remarks. :) xxx


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