Coastal Scents 22 brush set review!

I have a rather lengthy review today. 
It's all about the Coastal Scents 22 brush set.
I'm going to skip the chit-chat today 
and skip to the review.


You can check out my video review below if you wish:

The case is a faux leather case and it has a compartment in it as well, where you can keep, eyeliners, lipsliners, mascaras, and anything tiny enough to fit there.
Glossy handles, 
No names on them - the names I will be using in this review is taken from their site.


1. Large Fan
    - Synthetic Hair
 A super soft brush, I like to use this to take off any fall out, or excess powder.
Pretty big fan brush.
Not dense. 

 2. Powder Buffer
     Synthetic Hair
One of my most favourite brushes in this kit and ever!!
A really soft multitasking brush.
I used it for foundation, powder blush, bronzer, setting powder.
Very versatile. Love it!
Very nice and dense

 3. Round Powder
     Synthetic Hair
This is a really really soft awesome highlighting brush.
I also like this to set my under eye area with powder. 
I found it a tad small for blusher for my cheeks,
but you can definitely use it for that.
Not dense

 4. Flat Stippling
     Synthetic Hair
 An awesome soft multitasking brush.
This is basically identical to the ELF studio powder brush.
Except that it's a creamy colour,
which means it stains.
But that's okay.
Purposes: Blush, Foundation, Powder, Bronzer
Very nice and dense

 5. Angle Blush
     Goat Hair
A less soft brush, but really nice done
Not too dense,
but works amazing for contouring and blush and even highlight.
because it's animal hair, it picks up and applies more product.
Nice and fluffy. 

 6. Foundation
     Fiber Hair
I find this a bit too small for foundation,
it takes me ages to blend my foundation all over my face,
but I like to use this for my under eye concealer (Essence soft touch mousse make up),
it is very nicely done and dense.
Very soft, I quite like it. 

 7. Concealer
     Nylon Hair
A decent brush.
I think it's an okay brush.
Bigger than the ELF studio concealer brush.
It is also less soft, because the ELF one has synthetic taklon bristles
But it's quite nice to apply a creamy concealer.
Also good to apply the ELF studio cream eyeshadows as a base or as an eyeshadow.

8. Large Shadow
     Pony Hair
A large all over eyeshadow brush.
Quite soft.
Not too dense,
but I quite like it.

 9. Blender
     Pony Hair
A similar brush to the Sigma E25
Very nice to blend colour. It is not very dense,
and does the job really nicely.
Quite soft too.

 10. Doe Foot Blender
       Pony Hair
This is a "similar" brush to the ELF studio angled contour brush.
But smaller, and with animal hair bristles.
Unlike the ELF one,
it does not work very good with concealer
I like to use this to set my under eye concealer with powder
or just to apply eyeshadow on the lid area.
Not very dense and quite soft.

 11. Dome Shadow
       Pony Hair
A nice brush, similar to the ELF studio contour brush.
I like to use this to smudge my eyeshadow near the lashline,
or to apply a contour shade in the crease
A nice brush, dense, quite soft.

 12. Dome Blender
       Pony Hair
A nice brush to apply a contour shade with and blend
Not so dense, and quite soft.

 13. Medium Shadow
       Pony Hair
I like to use this to apply an all over the lid eyeshadow,
I wish it's more dense, but it's quite decent.
Quite soft.

Detail  Shadow, Lip

 14. Detail Shadow
       Pony Hair
A smaller version of the previous.
Quite soft

 15. Lip
       Pony Hair
An even smaller version of the previous, quite nice and stiff
Quite soft.

 16. Detail Concealer
       Fiber Hair
I like to use this one brush with lipsticks,
I think it's quite stiff and nicely done.

 17. Pointed Blender
       Pony Hair
Finally a pencil brush!!
A really nice tapered pencil brush.
Awesome. Really soft.

 18. Brow
       Pony Hair
This is a smudger brush not a brow brush for me.
I like to use this to smoke my liner.
Really soft, dense and professionally done.
Similar to the ELF regular smudge brush.

sorry it's blurry - it's the only photo I have though

 19. Smudger Sponge
My least favourite brush.
but at least it's softer than the ELF regular smudge sponge.

Large Liner /Brow, Medium Liner /Brow, Small Liner / Brow

 20. Large Liner/Brow
       Nylon Hair
Angled liner brush,
quite huge -
I use this for my brows.
Does the job nicely

 21. Medium Liner/Brow
       Nylon Hair
A smaller brush version of the previous
I like to use this for my liner.

 22. Small Liner/Brow
       Nylon Hair
An even smaller brush version of the precious one
Again, I use this to line my eyes.
Really nice.

Overall Remarks
  • I feel this brush set lacks a powder brush to apply all over powder with. The flat stippling brush is quite good for that, but sometimes, I just want to swipe some powder all over. 
  • I feel this brush set is also missing a good tapered lip brush. 
  • It also needs a thin liner brush. Too many angled brushes. We could use some variety over here. 
  • My favourite face brushes: Powder Buffer, Round Powder, Flat Stippling, Angle Blush Brushes
  • My favourite eye brushes: Large Shadow, Blender, Dome Blender, Pointed Blender, Brow Brushes
  • I tend to reach for these favourite ones very often

    I think this brush set is really good.
    I could do my whole face make up with just this brush set.
    I would have preferred to have a powder brush though.
    I used this brush set ONLY for 3 weeks straight.
    It really is worth it!
     Trust me :D

    You can get this brush set from the Coastal Scents site HERE.
    Coastal Scents does 50% Offers every now and then so that's something to keep in mind.
    That's it for this post, sorry for being too long I had a lot to say though hehe.
    Bye guys!!

     FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


    1. Well done on a very detailed post!

    2. They look beautiful! do you know if they ship to the UK?

      Jazz xo

    3. I'am waiting free shipping because it's too much :(

      1. yeah hunny even for me. I'm not sure if they do free shipping but they do 50% off. I'm waiting for one. hehehehe.

    4. Looks good...! Have you tried the BH cosmetics one?! I was thinking about picking it up if it EVER went down to 50 percent!!!

    5. You can get this set off of Amazon the same price with free shipping. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

    6. Sold me. I just brought them. :o)

      Brought off Amazon thought because the shipping was going to be too much off the Coastal Scent Site.


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