ELF 6 in 1 palette [review with swatches!] #shopping spree!!


I am posting the rest of the review on the ELF 6 in 1 palette.. 
because I meant to post them earlier.
I received this palette for free,
but when I get a product I always say my genuine opinion,
because that's what people want to hear.
I'm going to show you the product,
and  explain what it is,
and what I honestly think.
This may come off harsh,
but I don't beat around the bush when it comes to my opinion.
I say it as it is,
regardless whether I got it for free or paid for it with my own money.

The pigmentation is not consistent.
Some of the eyeshadows are barely visible .. 
some of the shades are decently pigmented..
some of the shades are nicely pigmented.
Some of them are powdery, some of them are not powdery.  

Overall.. being a matte eyeshadow lover.
I feel this 6 in 1 pallette lacks mattes.
out of 60 eyeshadows .. 
there are only 10 eyeshadows which have a matte or satin finish.

These matte/ satin eyeshadows are almost all very hard to swatch or even apply.
I feel every palette should have a highlighting shade, one for the brow bone and one for the inner corner. 
Unfortunately only 1 palette (pretty picnic) has enough highlighters for the inner corner and the browbone.
I feel there should be more highlighters.. 
because it's useless to carry one of these when I don't have enough highlighting shades in the 10 eyeshadow palette. 

And also.. 
when using the eyeshadow palettes.. expect fall out on the lipglosses. 
So even if you happen to like them.. 
which I highly doubt you will..
you won't get much use out of them. 

Compared to the 32 eyeshadow palette texture, 
I feel these are more nicely pressed (overall)
but some of them still have a powdery consistency..
not AS powdery as the 32 eyeshadow palette. 

Very few shades, I found, were prone to creating fallout. 

All swatches were done over ELF's mineral eyeshadow primer
and were swatched with the ELF eyeshadow c brush.
(I always swatch eyeshadows with no primer ..
but boy was it hard to swatch without primer..
so that says a lot)

The lipglosses SUCK. 
I'm not going to lie. 
They do suck. 
They call them lip colors... 
but they're more of a sheer slightly glossy consistency. 
I found them very hard to swatch, 
very sticky.


I will be talking about the eyeshadows only,
since I hate the glosses,
and I will be reviewing the blushes in a seperate post.

I swatched these row, after row, after row..


A sheer creamy yellow toned shade
A matte nude peachy shade
A sheer frosty champagne shade
A matte neutral muted brown
A metallic taupe
A warm toned frosty brown
An olive toned brown
A sheer cool toned frosty brown
A red toned satin brown
  A cool oned dark matte greyish brown

My thoughts?
An okay palette.I don't use the 6 in 1 at all though now
I don't find it nice to use at all. 

I am showing you the products as they are for you to see. 
 BUT since I am here to review these..
No, I don't recommend getting the 6 in 1 palette
I think it's a "meh" item. 
I think ELF needs to work on the formula of their eyeshadows because overall, they are not that good. 
except for the mineral eyeshadows, 
those are gorgeous. 

I hate reviewing products I don't like..
but if that's what it is,
that's what it is.
Thanks for reading guys
So stay tuned guys,

A little side note: I am not a "promoter", I am a beauty blogger, which means I refuse to "promote" anything I don't like. Don't worry, I am not after free products :) If I like something I say so, if I don't I say so too hehe. I want people trusting my opinion, not free products.

FTC Disclaimer: I got this product for free from ELF cosmetics UK for PR purposes.  I am not compensated for any reviews or posts I do about their products.My first priority is my readers and everything I have stated is my personal opinion.


  1. I recieved this product and i loved the eyeshadows! I use them all the time but I agree, the lip glosses SUCK. I hate any lip gloss/ lip stick that comes in a pan! haha xxx

    1. Oh I'm so glad you liked them hun, I'm used to better textures I think, I don't buy expensive brands, so I kind of expected these to be of similar quality. For me, with the same price I can get better eyeshadows, but I am glad you liked them, I personally don't use them anymore though :/


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