ELF Hottest Lip Trends of 2012! - DYNA STYLE!!


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Now onto the actual post..
I saw this up on ELF cosmetics US fan page .. 
and I was so intrigued by it. 

And actually. 
I didn't like their picks. haha. 

But I have my own 
ELF lip products picks. 

Actually I have A LOT of them. 

If you saw my ELF haul video you'd know
I used to dislike ELF lip products overall. 
Was not intrigued by them.. 
but since the new stuff has been launched..

I have been 
very impressed with the ELF quality in the lip products. 

So I'm going to guide you through my ELF cosmetics lip products picks for 2012. :D

#1 ELF mineral lipliner in peachy


A very underrated product. I like to use this all over my lip. It has a matte texture, but has more of a stain-quality to it.
It is not that drying unlike some of my Barry M lip paints.

Check out my review post HERE 


The shade: PEACHY: An orangey bright peach. No pink undertone here - it's gorgeous!

#2 ELF studio conditioning lip balms in mellow melon and peaceful pink. 

These are must haves guys!
These are tinted lip balms that have more colour payoff than your average gloss,
and yet - still have a smooth moisturising consistency.
LOVE them.
Especially for summer. 
Check out my POST for the review.

The shades I recommend are:


Mellow melon (A warm coral pink)


Peaceful Pink (A toned down warm pink)
They both brighten up my face when I wear them.

ELF studio glossy glosses in ballet slippers, sweet salmon, wild watermelon, tangy tangerine

 These glosses are my favourite glosses I ever worn.
I have never reached for glosses as much since I got these.
I love all the shades I got,
so I'm going to recommend all of them.
This is my REVIEW POST. If you'd like to check it out.

Ballet Slippers: A lovely peachy creamy nude with a brown undertone

Sweet Salmon: A pretty creamy pinky peach

Tangy Tangerine: A muted orange shade with a peachy undertone

Wild Watermelon: A bright pink with a coral undertone

ELF lipstick in fearless, captivating, flirtatious, nostalgic

Ever since these were launched in the US I knew I was going to love them.
So when ELF UK was calling for bloggers to review them,
I jumped in..
and they chose me.
Haha I was so excited.

These are my most worn, most favourite shades though,
the other shades, I'm not too excited about.
But these 3.
Check out my REVIEW POST for more information.

I'm wearing fearless here




So those were my picks for 2012 -
I know I have a few too many
but I love changing my lip product :D

I hope you liked this post :D

Thank you guys for reading,
I love you all!


FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use except for the ELF lipsticks which were sent to me for PR purposes and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. I love them all. My fav is Flirtatious. I seen a older blog post of yours with some of these and i had to go order them lol. so glad i did.

    1. oh hunny they're amazing aren't they ? :D

    2. Yes they are.. They ALL look so beautiful on you.

    3. Oh hunny that's like after 50 takes of photos hehe. xx

  2. Definitely gonna pick up some of these products :)

  3. The Essential shades look so pretty...!!! Might have to check em out! But i heard alot of people had issues with them melting...!?

    1. I never had issues with melting, but they are very soft as soon as they touch the warmth of your lips.. so they have a tendency to break.. I have 7 in total. 2 broke.. but the other 5 are just fine :)

  4. Love this post! I'm gonna get some of the glossy glosses and some other lipsticks from their essential line :)


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