Essence waterproof liquid liner [review w/ swatches] !!

Hello guys, 
I'm back with another review :D woohooo

I already reviewed another Essence liquid liner which you can check out HERE

This is awesome though, unlike the other one.
The other one's actually ok .. but I hate glossy finishes in liquid liners.
Plus it's staying power is not my cup of tea
Oh well. Onto the review:

Pretty sleek, 
sponge tip applicator. 
stopper works nicely too. 

swach on top
swatch on top

Quite good, 
easy to remove but still quite smudgeproof and waterproof.

This is a less intense black than the i love style liner.
But again, i much prefer this one over it. 

This is nice to apply, easy to take off, 
and quite a good staying power
It is waterproof and has a matte finish.

I LOVE this liner. It doesn't have THAT much product.. 
I think I got it for like €1.50 
so you get quite enough product for that price.
I will definitely repurchase and I recommend this .. 
if you can get it, you're going to like it :)

Thank you so much for reading guys :)
Love y'all 

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. Tell it to the world, sister!!! Who likes glossy eyeliners, anyway? They beat the purpose of altering your eye shape by how they reflect light...

  2. great good and dirt cheap! also lovei their cream eye shadows and of course their nail polish... they are brilliant! x Marina

  3. Love this liner too I got this one from you hun xxxxxxxxxx and i will definitely be buying it again

  4. I have this Eyeliner but it's not the waterproof one still love it though :)
    I'm having an Essence giveaway at the minute if you want to check it out

  5. Ohh that applicator looks lovely! so does the liquid! I don't like glossy eyeliner either ick!

    Jazz xo

  6. i'm hesitating on taking this one and the i love Style, what is the difference between them ??

    you said you prefer this one. why ?

    1. hi hunny basically this one is long lasting and smudge proof. the i love style one isn't. Also, the i love style one.. is glossy I hate that. I'll do a comparison post soon hun to demonstrate and be clearer ok xx

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