I HATE Valentine's Day!


I never celebrated it. 
because I never had a date / boyfriend at the time when Valentine's day comes along
plus it's a sad day for a lot of people..
I'll explain why but first -

It's a day which should be eliminated from the calendar. 
Not only because you should treat your other half, special someone
as if it were Valentine's Day everyday...
but also -
because it's a day that depresses a lot of people. 
Now if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend and your day's all planned, 
that's great
It's a great excuse for being together. 
I'm not hating lol.
Go and have a fun time :D

But this is where I have an issue with Valentine's Day.  
Valentine's Day doesn't say - oh this person just broke up with her boyfriend or girlfriend
so that person's ultra sensitive. 

It doesn't care 
if someone has lost a husband or a wife
and they can't celebrate it with them. 
It doesn't say
this person is feeling lonely or depressed, 
so we should be kind to him or her.

No - 
Valentine's Day is a cold hearted stupid excuse of a commercialised day. 


I'm not saying that because I don't have a "date" for Valentine's Day. 
But it really is.

If you see how many advertisements and companies take advantage of such a day, 
to promote their sales..
it's crazy. 

I mean seriously - what does have a decoder have to do with Valentine's Day?
But still they manage to incorporate it with Valentine's Day. 

Because there's just too much of a wide gap between Christmas / New Year

So they have nicely inserted another day to increase their sales. 

Now my problem is this. 
These commercialised holidays are HORRIBLE to people who are going through a tough time. 
Some people have lost a family member on Christmas / Valentine's Day - whatever the occasion is. 
And for those people it normally is a very sad day. 

And I truly feel for such people. 
and for the people who are feeling sad and lonely
I just wanted to put this out there:

You're as worthy as you allow yourself to feel worthy. 
No guy/girl has power over the way you feel more than yourself. 
So you might be lonely, or feel depressed because of this stupid day. 
But try to spend it doing something you love :D
Treat yourself to a gift you'll love 
You deserve it. 

and no matter what anyone says. 
Valentine's day is overrated. 
 you shouldn't be thinking about what you haven't got. 
you should be embracing all the things you have. 
Your life might not seem that great to you. 
But only you can change your perspective that. 
So go out there, 
do something that makes you happy. 

and I'd like you to meet my Valentine this year:

yes. that's my awesome little bundle of joy, Ruby
She was a stray lonely puppy once... and she's been living with us for the past year and 4 months. 

I wish you an awesome day!!

Lots of smiles, laughter 
and happiness :D xxx

SCREW Valentine's day. 
I want chocolate. 


Love you all


  1. Way to say it...!!! Awesome post!!! Valentines Day is seriously Over rated!!! Even if you are with someone...!! Why choose one day to celebrate your love!!!!

    Keep up the great work! Loving your makeup in the picture!


  2. 'Screw valentines day, i want chocolate' lol couldn't of put it better myself xx

  3. I agree.. Just look at the prices of roses. They skyrocket on Valentine's Day. It's crazy..

  4. My personal opinion is that valentines day is a spiritual day for lovers and those who haven't got a partner gives a reason to look around, get pretty, you never know...I think many people have been through Valentines day without a partner.. it is especially senstivive when you are a teenager, I know that, been there.. Yes, people have made it commercial, just because it's an opportunity to make money, I don't blame anyone for that, we all have got to live and pay the bills.. Persoannly I don't pay attention to commercials and the rest, pay attention to your loved once instead, not only partners, but friends and family.. whats the point of being miserable all day if you can spend it with your friends and family, thats why they are there for, and they also could be lonely just like you. Should we celebrate our love everyday? Of course, but I think we are forggeting about that due to every day life, business at work, housework at home.. I think a Valentines day is a grat reminder of that, and also gives an opportuniry to pay attenetion to loved ones this day as well.. I think this day is about making your loved ones feel special, and not buy buying presents and roses etc. but by just paying a little bit of attention, love, hugs, kisses :)

  5. Forgot to mention.. Happy Valentines day to everyone :D

  6. Ruby is so cute! And you're right Valentines is over rated. Another excuse to spending money on tack we don't need...How many stuffed toys holding love hearts do we needs?

    So...happy Tuesday. Enjoy your chocolate!

    Elle xx

    1. so true hunny - hehe I will enjoy my chocolate :D that never lets me down hehe

  7. Preach it sista' :) Valentines Day is def overrated and an excuse to boost sales.. I cant stand the soppy songs and the heart shaped cards, not for me!If you love someone you dont need to wait for valentines day to show it i agree with you it definately should be taken off the calendar.

  8. I did a blog post on this too! I agree 100%!!

    I'd rather be randomly surprised by flowers than my boyfriend buying them because Interflora told him too!

    Jen xx

    1. that's exactly what I mean..xx

    2. btw.. I tried opening the link to your blog it said it won't open :( x

  9. So agree, great post :-D



  10. Darling, your Valentine is adorable! That's so nice of you and your family, to adopt a stray dog. 6 years ago, we adopted our two little dogs that we found shivering from cold and rain, they were little puppies at that time. We never had pets before and we didn't plan to keep them, but we loved them both and decided to keep them anyway! Now I like you even more ;)))

    1. aww :D that's so special of you to adopt two dogs :D Honestly, they're like happiness inducers.. there's nothing that could compare to the unconditional love that they can give :)

  11. I have valentine day every day! I'am in love in LOVE :D
    I think this day is juste regurlar day, but for people who are in love it's the day to celebrate love...i don't like the big big presents,juste rose and a kiss :D ...but this should be every day :D

  12. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post!



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