Me and my teenage years.



I was requested to do a post on my teenage years :)
I am 20 years old going on 21 in May.. 
so I definitely remember a lot about my teenage years. 

When I was 13-15 I remember being a very very happy student at my school. 
Not school as such, just the friends and my class mates.
I barely had any social life. I think I was in the Legion of Mary group, 
where a lot of youngsters used to meet up. 

I remember I had a friend who was a year older than me.
And she was yelling out in the bus 
that the night she lost her virginity, 
she had sex with 5 men. 
Yeah. No joke. 
I was shocked. 
and I remember asking myself, 
is that even okay?
No, it isn't. 
It's actually very gross 
and very degrading. 
She was very proud about it, and I felt like I'm such a nerd. 
I love that I was a nerd. 
Ok, I wasn't a nerd. 
But I loved that I was a good girl.
and I'm still a good girl. 

I used to study when the exams were approaching, 
and I always passed my exams. 

In Summer, we used go to our beach house 
(by beach house I mean like a permanent caravan to paint the picture).
I remember I had a big fight with all the other kids when I was 14, 
and I don't remember exactly why.. 
but I remember there was a lot of jealousy between the girls 
and there was too much drama. 

So I spent two summers alone. 
Just hanging out at the caravan. 

Then, in my last year at school, 
the worst thing possibly happened. 
I got better grades and got transferred to the best class. 

You might be thinking, 
oh why is she complaining?

All my friends were in the other class. 
We were one. 
and then I got "transferred"?
I cried so much on the first day of school 

I remember the form teacher telling me, 
"you're going to mess up my class"
because. I was a very very bubbly student haha. 
Very naughty - 
I used to always get late to lessons (5 minutes late is a lot for our school)
I used to lie to teachers a lot.
I used to spend my free time with my "ex" class. 

Now the issues -

My parents have always been overprotective of me. 
They wouldn't let me go out with my friends. 
I was scared to even ask them. 
I missed my graduation "social" 
where we went out as a whole school. 

I missed every class dinner or meet up we had. 
Except the ones during daytime. 

The first guy I ever "really" went out with was when I was 16 in summer. 
I actually didn't like him, 
and he kissed me and I thought it was so gross. 

Then.. a very horrible thing happened to me when I was 17. 
It was a date gone wrong.
I won't say what it was, because it's very personal. 
But it just made me not trust guys anymore. 
I used to cry myself to sleep.
I was VERY depressed.
It was a very very ugly lonely period of my life. 

I was young, lonely, 
and then I found a very genuine friend who was there for me. 
And she helped me a lot. 

Another lovely friend of mine told me to start writing my feelings down, 
which helped her a lot when she was going through a very tough period in her life. 

And that's when I started writing lyrics. 

I used to go singing when I was 16-19. 
I still love singing, I just don't take lessons anymore. 

Teenage issues

A big issue when you're a teen, 
is friends. 
True friends can be very hard to find. 
Till this day, 
I still think finding true friends is very very very hard. 
You just have to remember that you're the only person you can trust a 100% 
and try not to be affected with what your friends do. 
It is very easy to cave in to whatever trouble your friends want to do. 
But it takes a very special person to stand up and say. 
"You can choose to do what you want, I just choose to do what I want to do."
Sometimes. Your mum's your only true best friend. 

Friends who make you feel like you're a nobody, like you're a weirdo, like you're stupid and ugly are not true friends. 

What to do when you don't have true friends? 
Don't let your friends go. 
Treat them as they treat you, 
and always be open to make other friends. 

When you're in your teenage years, 
you're still discovering your true self. 
So be willing to try different styles, different clothes. 
and find what you feel comfortable in. 
And what makes you feel "you".

 I started working when I was 16. 
I worked there for 5 summers.

I met a lot of stupid boys.
Everyone does.
Stupidness is contagious between boys.
Yes, that's true.
Because I said so.
Jokes aside...
you will meet a lot of stupid boys,
and you'll learn how to deal with them.
You'll either choose temporary attention -
or choose to be proud of what you're worth.

Does it mean you're supposed to be perfect
and choose all the right decisions.

Does this mean you will not hurt people
and you won't get hurt.

Then what the heck are you moaning about Dyna?

Actually I'm trying to say it's okay to make mistakes,
it's okay if you get hurt.
It's okay to feel lonely.
It's okay to feel like everything's falling apart.

But hang on,
because it can't rain forever,
the rain stops,
and a beautiful rainbow comes along
and it will make it all worthwhile.

Will it rain again,
But you'll be strong enough to know the rain will stop
and the rainbow will pop up eventually.

Remember, you can't appreciate the amazing moments
if you don't taste the bad.

Remember : "Pain is inevitable, Misery is Optional"

You choose how to deal with your problems.:)
I know you're going through a tough time,
otherwise you're not still reading this.

You never know what life has in store for you
unless you try to live through the good and bad.

Always remember there's always someone there for you...
and if you highly doubt that..

Shoot me an email on
and I'll prove you wrong.
(and yes my email address is not just for pr purposes - it's for blog related purposes which means
readers who follow my blog can freely send me emails over there :] )


Love you guys!!



  1. Such a great post! Check out my Body Shop - Chocomaina giveaway!

  2. This is such a great post, you can just tell you are such a lovely lovely person! I agree with you its so hard to find really good trustworthy friends, I only have one and I can trust her with anything and everything! And sometimes your mum defiantly is the only one you can trust when times get hard, I couldn't agree more! Lovely lovely post Dyna xx

    1. aww that's so sweet :D :D yeah hunny there are too many people who will try to break you in life unfortunately :( Thanks again sweety you always post the loveliest comments :D :D

  3. "Stupidness is contagious between boys." ajma.

  4. Hey thats a grat post Dyna, and i'm sure it will help a lot of people :) I had same issues myself when I was a teen.. same thing really.. boys.. friends.. crying all night :) But I dont regret a thing as this has shaped who I am now, and now I'm a very happy person in a loving rlationship :) and I wish this to everyone, as everything will come, just in the right time :)

    1. that's great hun, I think there are some things we all can relate to I guess so it's nice to hear that you're not alone in this crazy world :)

  5. This is such a wonderful post and it's very brave of you to disclose all of this to us, thank you <3 and WOW.....I didn't even know you were almost my age, you look SO GROWN !!! haha but again thanks for being so brave and being a good role model for the teens out here because it's a shame that they really have no one to look up to


    1. hehe I'm only 20 going on 21 :) hehe no I'm still really young I guess .. thanks you so much for your comment hunny you're so sweet :D xx

  6. Awesome blog :-) A new follower from ... Would love if you follow me back <3 <3 xx

  7. Great post, you are a lovely person Dyna! I hope only good things happen to you, you deserve it! xx

  8. aww that is just too sweet hunny, I wish you 3x as much as you wish to me babe xx

  9. This was very beautiful, honestly it made me teary-eyed..I really like the quote about misery being optional. I felt so down over a guy for a long time and then realized it wasn't worth being miserable over. Keep up the awesome blog! :)

    1. oh hunny thank you so much :D I know how you feel babe, and it's okay. You just have to allow yourself to have different experiences too hun. It's not worth holding on to the past. I know how you feel but no guy is worth your tears :)


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