VIDEO!! What I got in my MASSIVE goody bag from: Essence & Catrice makeup's launch !!


I have another video up!!
I wanted to show you what I got in the goody bag at the Catrice Cosmetics launch
because I am so excited and so thrilled!!



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I got all of these products in a launch and I just wanted to share what I got :D
Thank you guys for watching! :D

FTC Disclaimer: I got all of these items for free as part of a goody bag for the Catrice launch that the importers for Essence cosmetics in Malta have set up. Everything I said in this video is my personal opinion, and I am not being paid for this video, nor am I obliged to do a video featuring their products. My loyalty is always towards my subscribers. I would never avoid saying something just because I got an item for free.


  1. Why did you edit the picture at the top of your blog in Paint...? ........... Try Picnik next time, atleast!

    1. Why? Because I like it. It looks clumsy like me and I like it. You don't like it? Don't visit my blog. SIMPLE.

    2. I think it looks fabulous! :) x

    3. aww thanks sweety, I know you always have my back :D xx

  2. wow you got so much stuff, so cool! (and love the photo at the top;) xx

  3. So cool of them! And I really like your photos! Greetings from Romania!

  4. I absolutely love everything you got <3333 I really want to try Essence & Catrice products :)


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