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Look what came to mama!

If you've been following my blog and youtube for a while..  you'd know I have a teeny obsession with lipsticks.  Just a bit.  Little bit. Okay, it's quite a big obsession. 
I have around 50 lipsticks..  not sure how many exactly..   Last time I checked I was at 45 ..  but I think it's slightly over 50 now. 
Let me know if you'd like to see a Lipstick Collection video,  I have gotten some requests after my makeup collection video which you can check out below :D

Ok. SO what did I get?!

After I promised myself I won't be getting any more lipsticks .. I ordered 4 lipsticks from
Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color in Pinkerbell (2012 new shade!) Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color in 24 Carrot Gold (2012 new shade!) Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color in Dollhouse Pink (2012 new shade!) NYX matte lipstick in Perfect Red. 

After seeing countless posts about the Wet n Wild new lipsticks especially  Rebekkah Celeste's amazing looks on her blog (…

FOTD: Spring green smokey eye !


I have another FOTD today.
Another green smokey eye..
I just love how green looks on brown eyes..
it's like the perfect colour ever.

and here's how I typically wear it...

FACE Revlon photoready concealer in 003 light medium Essence my skin tinted moisturiser in light* ELF mineral booster in yellow Essence bronzing compact powder in matt NYX cream blush in orange
EYES ELF eyelid primer in nude Catrice intensifeye eyeshadows in Have you seen Alice?*, Vanilla sky ride Essence mono eyeshadow in blockbuster NYX single eyeshadow in highlight
Wet n Wild Color Icon Palette in Greed - matte black Essence longlasting eye liner in black fever Essence big lashes mascara* Catrice the giant mascara* Ebay criss cross lashes - cut in half Duoe eyelash adhesive in dark tone

EYEBROWS Catrice Absolute Eye Colour in 080 Go Charlie Brown!
ELF wet gloss lash and brow mascara in clear
LIPS MUA lipstick in juicy

Products marked with a * were given to me for free in a goody bag at the Esse…

Face product of the week! 30/03/12

I wanted to share with you my face product of the week.  this weekly ordeal is going to feature ONE product  I have been loving to use a lot this week. It can be anything from concealer, to powder, to blush, to highlight.. ANYTHING I use on my face basically.. 

So this is basically a post on a product that deserve to be hyped. :D
I love these kind of favourites post and all..  because in a review I might say "oh this is a great product" but do I actually wear it a lot?..

So the face product  spotlight of the week: ESSENCE my skin tinted moisturiser in light  [REVIEW HERE] I just LOVE and ADORE this tinted moisturiser.  I have been using this ALL week. Except for yesterday and today,  because as I mentioned on my facebook fan page (HERE)  my skin has totally dried out, possibly because of the weather change,  and this (and virtually anything else) applied quite chalky. 
But other than that.  It's a great product for when my skin is normal,  and I just ADORE …

Lip Combination of the week! 30/03/12

I wanted to share with you my lip combination of the week.  It can be products paired together,  one lip product,  a rediscovery of a lipstick or anything my lips have been wearing a lot lately..
So this is basically a post on products that deserve to be hyped. :D
I love these kind of favourites post and all..  because in a review I might say "oh this is a great product" but do I actually wear it a lot?!
I happen to own.. around 50 lipsticks... and I have worn all of them..  but there are some I reach for over and over and over. :D
The spotlight for this week is:
NYX round lipstick in narcissus  & Barry M lipgloss in bubblegum

 This is like the perfect bright cool toned lip combination. It's not overpowering, or an in your face combination,  perfect for daytime. 
Personally I don't really like NYX's round lipstick in narcissus on its own. It looks unnatural to me,  and it seems to have a very slight metallic sheen to it.  You can read my review on…

My little obsession with bright nails and neon blue this spring !

I have a little obsession with neons. I'm blaming Lara from Boffism.  You evil human being.  Haha not true.  I love her actually, she's A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. 
But.. I developed an obsession with neon blue.  I bought a bright a$$ neon blue legging the other day... I bought neon blue pumps..  and I even found a nail polish to match.
Now honestly.. I didn't plan to buy all these neon blue items.  I'm just drawn to the colours and I end up buying them. 
Anyway.  I'm la-la-LOVING this nail polish colour.  It's MUA nail polish in shade  #9 And before I say anything else. I have to tell you.  You need 3 coats to get this colour.  which kind of sucks,  I'm more of a one coat- maximum 2 nail polish coats gal. 
My time is precious, you see.  Not really.  But I hate waiting for nail polish to dry. 
These are not exactly quick drying.  But if applied patiently and with a topcoat,  it LOOKS great. 
I applied the Essence nail hardener as a base coat and  …

Essence my skin tinted moisturiser - both shades - [review w/ swatches!!]


I have a review on a product I've been really loving lately.
So I'm definitely enjoying writing this review :D

I just featured this in my Dyna's Beauty Lab video :D

PACKAGING A squeezy tube, has some awesome fun print on it. Very cute You get a lot of product in it .. 50 ml so it lasts a LONG time..

TEXTURE I LOVE the texture. It is moisturising and hydrating. Great for normal to dry skin
(not for really dry skin though.. it would apply blotchy unfortunately) Doesn't feel oily and is in fact oil free..

SHADE I believe the product comes only in two shades, light and medium to dark they both have a strong salmon-peacvhy colour, which will brighten your skin making itlook healthier When swatched they look VERY different HOWEVER the shades are in fact very forgiving, there is not much pigmentation to it, and it almost melts into your skin. Right now I use the light one.. in summer I'll probably use the medium to dark one

COVERAGE Don't. I r…

Recently Uploaded videos. - and YES. I do have a youtube account :D

I get asked quite frequently on my fan page (HERE) whether I have a youtube account,  and yes I do have one..  I have recently started uploading again like 3 months ago and I used to have like 16 subscribers and now I have 450+ :D  So I'm very thrilled about that.. 
I rly like the response I get on youtube as well..  and I always post my videos here as well for you all to see..  but I get that some people are not reading my blog 24/7  so every now and then I'll do a recently uploaded videos  so you can see my recently uploaded videos here in case you miss them :D
and if you missed my 2nd batch from my photoshoot check out this post HERE.
Here is my Goth Makeup Look tutorial I used for my photoshoot :D

and here is my most recent HAUL video and I showed you what i got from Catrice, Essence, Wet n Wild and Maybelline :D

This is my FIRST EVER Dyna's Vanity Lab video
- talking about products that I've been trying out that were a hit or a miss

AND FINALLY the most reques…

ELF studio lip liner in red [review w/ swatches!!]


I have been meaning to review these ELF products for the longest time,
but I have so many planned posts,
and so many reviews to post,
I'm trying to gradually work on them
and post them..
the first ELF review I have is on their studio line lip liner in the shade red.

I think these are quite underrated as an ELF product,
I think they deserve to be hyped :)
Read below to know why :)

Very sleek, closes thoroughly,
comes with a brush at the other end.
One of the two brushes has naughty strands
I find that it has very little actual product, s
o if you'd like to use the lipliner all over your lip,
 it won't last you a lifetime.
Twist up packaging.
Inconsistent amount of product.
I had more product in the red one than in the natural one. 

TEXTURE: super creamy

LASTING POWER: decent, but fades away faster than most of my lipliners.

First of all, it is very important to note that the shades
 of the products in the packaging look deeper than when swatch…