Catrice Ultimate Shine Lipstick 210 kiss kiss hibiskiss [review w/ swatches!!]

As you all probably know Catrice is FINALLY available in Malta.
Now the stand is emptying real quick..
I went today at Tony's Pharmacy in Gzira.. and
so many stuff are out of stock.
 this lipstick still is in stock, so I figured I'll show you how it looks like :D

Awesome packaging, 
closes thoroughly, 
very sleek, 
you get the name, hint of colour and number at the bottom, 
glossy mirror silver packaging. 
What's not to like? 

Glides like a dream
Doesn't apply a thick heavy layer on the lips, 
 Nice and creamy, 
love it.

I wouldn't say you'd get maximum colour payoff in one swipe.
It usually takes me 3-4 swipes to get the colour I want.. 
but it's worth it.

very buildable, 
and it doesn't look weird or thick on the lips when you do.

Glossy finish.
This is, in fact, almost like a lip glaze..

These have a slight vanilla scent (I think)
when you smell them straight from the tube but it's not a strong smell
and you would barely detect it unless you smell it straight from the tube.

I personally don't like the glaze finish on this particular shade
so I powder this with ELF's complexion perfection 
and I get a matte finish with lasts for really long


A bright pink with coral-reddish undertones, no shimmer, no frost


wearing Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss paired with ELF complexion perfection
wearing Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss paired with ELF complexion perfection

I quite like this lipstick,
it looks almost like a pin up pink.. very pretty :D
I personally prefer the Ultimate Colour line over the Ultimate Shine,
because they have more colour payoff and I like the finish better.
However, this is a pretty shade,
and this is definitely a shade I'll wear.
These retail for €4.50

 I hope you found this post helpful ..
and I'm looking forward to reviewing
more Catrice products for you :D
so let me know if you have any questions or even recommendations below :D


FTC Disclaimer: I didn't pay for the product. I got it for free in a goody bag at the Essence / Catrice launch organised by PharmaMT. I am not obliged to feature, review or talk about their products. I am not being paid for this post, and I am 100% honest in my posts because my priority is my readers.


  1. holy grail lipstick is definitely lipbutter by Revlon...Omg, it is the best! :)

  2. This is a really pretty colour, I like gloss finishes personally, but I love that you made it your own by adding the powder! xx

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  3. I picked this lipstick up today and i love it! You should try the one that's called "shy flamingo" (i think that's the name, a least something with flamingo for sure) it's more a coral color, very pretty =)

    1. oh I think I saw that.. but it had shimmer in it :( I don't like shimmer .. :/


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