ELF studio cream liner in teal tease [review with swatches!!]


I have originally reviewed this product in this video below :

But now I have decided to feature this in a blog as an individual review, just like I always do.

Anyway. here's the official review. 

Typical for ELF products. 
They have some excess plastic in the packaging but product lasts for a very long time. 
pretty sleek and portable and comes in a tiny tube.
This retails for $3 - €4.50 depending on where you're buying from. 

Super creamy, 
even creamier than the older shades. 
I have coffee and black and both are drier in texture. 

I use the ELF studio angled liner brush to apply it normally,
I also like angled liner brushes..
but I find the ELF studio angler liner brush easier to clean.

one swipe, 3 swipes

This is less pigmented than the older liners. 
It needs some build up to get a good colour payoff. 

I'm wearing it on my lower lashline here.

This is not the type of shade which is going to define your eyes. 
This will give you a pop of colour but won't actually define the eyes. 
it has a metallic finish and I would describe it as a teal blue with green and golden tiny shimmers in it.

Not as good as the older shades. 
Because it is creamier than the older shades, I'm guessing this has more oils to it, 
and this needs setting if you want it to be smudgeproof and stay all day. 
I have worn this all day with no setting, on the lower lashline and it didn't fade off, 
but my lids are pretty dry and I didn't touch it either. 

As I said in the video, the makeup lock and seal is a great product to set this with, so that you won't alter the shade. 

Super pretty shade. 
I love that I own this, 
but honestly I thought I'd use this more often. 
I think the staying power and pigmentation department definitely have room for improvement.
It is however, still a great product. 
And I recommend this - 
not that it's a product you'll go crazy about when you actually own it. 
But it truly is super pretty and very nice to own. 

I should use this more often.
Overall rating : 3.5 /5 
(I'm quite picky with my liners.)

That's it for this post guys, 
and let me know what you think below :)


  FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. The color is gorgeous ! I've never tried any of the elf eyeliners!!

  2. gorgeous colour .. i am addicted to your blog posts dear.. !!

  3. You are so beautiful!

    What lipstick are you wearing? It's gorgeous :D

    1. hi hunny I'm wearing the ELF mineral lipliner in just peachy all over my lip it's gorgeous :D


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