Essence my skin cooling eye roll on [review w/ swatches] !!


I have recently been trying out some Essence skin care products 
because they launched a couple of ranges for skin care. 
I was quite skeptical,
I was like "How can you produce products that are actually really good for skin care at such a low price?"
Now, like in all brands, 
some products are a hit, others a miss. 
So far, I only found one "miss".
But I'll talk about that in a future post :) 

This review is on the my skin eye cooling roll on.


Some stuff that's about the product that I think you should know 
It is 100% alcohol and fragrance free. [awesome!]
It has cucumber extract
The "My skin" range is for people who have more of a normal skin type. 
The "Pure skin" range is for people who have a sensitive / acne prone skin type. 
This is a sqeezy tube roll on tube, and has a aluminium/metal thing that rolls on the product.
The product is clear.

Things I like about the product
It has a really cooling sensation when applying the product
The metal roll on thingy is really cooling as well
You can squeeze the product on your hand, and tap it with your fingers 
if you don't like applying roll on products on your face.
This really reduces puffiness around the eye area.
The packaging is really cute

Things I don't like about the product
It has a tingly effect on the skin, which is quite uncomfortable, almost slightly painful 
[I believe it is this tingly effect that reduces puffiness]
The product specifically says "intensively moisturises". Not true. It doesn't moisturise, it doesn't hydrate.

I really like this product, 
I have a tendency to have quite puffy eyes, 
especially when I wake up in the morning. 
And this reduces my puffiness so I like that. 
I don't like that the product says that it is intensively moisturising when it doesn't moisturiser one bit. 
And I'm not a huge fan of the tingly effect. 
But I WILL definitely repurchase when I run out, and when these become available here. :D
I recommend this for people who suffer from puffiness, 
not for people who are looking for an eye moisturiser.

 That's it for this post guys!!
I hope you found this review helpful xx

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I got the product for free at the Catrice / Essence launch.  and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion. My priority is always to remain thruthful for my readers :)


  1. Love your blog! ^_^. Wish we had essence in India :(.

  2. What would you recommend for those wanting an eye moisturiser preferably from essence pls?? Great post as always :)

    1. hey hunny, I'm loving the skinfood avocado eye moisturiser .. I featured it in my february favourites. This is not hydrating, it takes care of puffy eyes, not dry eye area hope this helps hun xx

  3. this os like the garnier roll on thing .

    have you tried it ? would you prefer this one or that garnier one ??

    nice review btw :)

    1. hey hunny, i dont have it so I can't tell honestly :) xx

  4. Wonderful review. THANK YOU!

  5. Wow.i was looking for this type of stuff and finally got this one thanks for sharing beautiful :)

  6. Sounds like a good product for my rest days after hectic night duties :)

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  8. I´ve just bought today and I´ve arrived here searching opinions. thnks for share! XX


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