Essence SOS spot killer [review w/ swatches] !!


I have been really into skincare lately, 
I don't know why, 
I used to sleep in my make up quite a few times,
and now I feel like if I sleep in my make up 
I've committed a deadly sin.

I happened to get a few items at the Catrice and Essence launch here in Malta, 
and these are not yet available in shops (in Malta at least)
but I got to try it beforehand 
*one moment of silence for feeling privileged*
Haha. okay

About the product.

Now I am HIGHLY skeptical of these zit zappers and zit problem products.. 
they usually sometimes work and sometimes don't.

But first. 

A couple of things you should know. 
  •  pure skin range is for people with acne-prone or sensitive skin
  • The product separates in the packaging so shaking before use is a must.
  • The formula is very liquidy
  • The jar is made of glass
  • It closes thoroughly and I have experienced no leaks whatsoever.
  • It has a nail polish brush type of applicator,
  • but I strongly don't recommend applying it on the spot straight from the brush
  • because bacteria might grow in there. 
  • strong surgical smell when you open it and sniff it from the tube.

Things I like about the product

 It dries really quick.
It dries out my zits quite quick. 
 Easy to cover up with concealer
Doesn't apply thick.
I like that you can see how much product you have left
the smell is not very strong and fades away when applied to skin

Things I don't like about the product
I don't like the packaging is glass, it's prone to breaking. 
It dries white, not clear.
Does not always work.
It can dry out your skin like crazy

I'm not sure what to think about it.
I mean I use it,
and I don't find it does miracles.
but I still reach for it everytime I have a zit..
because I like that it dries quickly and seems like it does its job.
I wouldn't call this a Miracle-worker..
it just dries out the zits just like any other zit zapper I tried..
My zits dont vanish overnight, but I definitely see the zit stopping from further enlarging.
So I like it,
but it's not an amazing product that miraculously vanishes my spots.
I guess the skin needs its time to heal anyway
I'm always on the fence with products like these though.

FTC Disclaimer: I didn't pay for the product. I got it for free in a goody bag at the Essence / Catrice launch organised by PharmaMT. I am not obliged to feature, review or talk about their products. I am not being paid for this post, and I am 100% honest in my posts because my priority is my readers.


  1. awesome review :) :) xx
    pls follow my blog too , would love it :) x

  2. Thanks for the review Dyna :) not sure if I will get this...

  3. I adore the Australian Body Care On The Spot Stick with Tea Tree Oil ( I've been using it for about 8 years (since I started getting spots) It works a treat, is transparent and while it is kind of drying on the skin, I usually put it on at night before I put my moisturiser on, so I don't end up with dry patches... :)


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